X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn and producer Bryan Singer returning for sequel!

According to Deadline, 20th Century Fox has signed a deal with X-MEN: FIRST CLASS director Matthew Vaughn to helm the upcoming sequel, which is currently being written by ‘First Class’ producer and ‘X3′ co-writer Simon Kinberg. Producer Bryan Singer will also return along with many of the principal cast who already have options in place for sequels.

This news comes after Fox co-chairmen and CEOs Tom Rothman and Jim Gianopulos gave production president Emma Watts an updated contract. According to the site, “since taking over as sole production president in 2009, Watts has made it a priority to populate the studio‚Äôs slates with elite filmmakers, and keep them coming back for more.”

Looks like the sequel is shaping up very nicely!

13 responses on “X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn and producer Bryan Singer returning for sequel!

  1. Bring it on baby let see some more science movies for X-men universe o yeeeaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!



  2. there will be another director for the sec film of Wolvie so in this one is Mat for X-men first class sequel 2 so sorry Rob he already signed on to another film of X-men first class sequel 2 so sorry

  3. infact we have The Avengers Rob from Iron-men Thor Captain America and Hulk what more do you want and its staring the trailers on youtube

  4. i don’t Remember the other movie of wolvie part one who is rated coz Hugh was naked when he was in the lab with this dr of Generald wiliam Stryker when they put him the aromantium in he,s body of Wolvie so i don’t remember what kind of cassification is i m sorry

  5. @Rob
    X Men 4 is not going to happen at the moment due to Donner and Bryan focussing on XFC2.
    I don;t like their method of making films, focus on one, wait 3 years and make another, correct if im wrong, but it seems like that…

    Iron Man 3 is the avengers, or The avengers is the sequel, something along those lines….

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