Next X-MEN film titled X-Men: Days of Future Past?

Update: XMF confirms that 20th Century Fox registered and last month. Very interesting! ;-)

According to a source at AICN, 20th Century Fox recently registered the title “Days of Future Past” with the MPAA Title Registration Bureau. This is common practice for studios that want to “stake their claims on certain titles that they intend to release and distribute” in the future.

It’s looking likely that X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST is the title for 2014′s X-MEN: FIRST CLASS sequel. Or is this for X-MEN 4? Either way it can open up a bunch of possibilities. Marvel Comics’ “Days of Future Past” deals with a dystopian alternative future in which mutants are incarcerated by Sentinels in internment camps. An older Kitty Pryde goes back in time to alert the X-Men of a fatal moment in history which triggers anti-mutant hysteria. (Wiki)

Obviously the story would be adapted to fit with Fox’s movieverse. If they are planning to bring this to the “X-Men” world, it could be a great way to involve the original trilogy cast or give “First Class” a chance to further switch up continuity as alternative universes are showcased.

Producer Lauren Shuler Donner has expressed interest in bringing “Days of Future Past” to the big screen, saying (in 2006) “I’ve always wanted to do ‘Days of Future Past’ and there are just really a lot of stories yet to be told. I wouldn’t rule anything out [...] there are separate stories which were written many, many years ago, that we all love and one day want to make.”

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  1. I’d love to see this happen, it would mean we finally get to see the Sentinels in an X-Men fiim! (done right) and with Matthew Vaughn at the helm, I’m confident he’ll deliver an epic masterpiece! I wonder if Wolverine will get a larger role in the First Class films?

  2. This going to be the best plan ever! I can’t believe they come up to this plan. Brilliant! XFC cast + X-men Trilogy Cast = PERFECTION..

  3. … if Fox was in the process of registering that title with the MPAA BEFORE they announced the release date of First Class 2… wouldn’t they have just announced it AS the title of First Class 2? Or even just delayed the date announcement until they could reveal the title too?

    If it’s anything, I’m leaning towards X4 on this one.

    • Im getting this feeling too.

      Fox is posible setting the future of the x-men franchise, like Marvel did since Ironman 1.

      Im getting excited

  4. not in a million years and dacade want,s to cancel or rebooting X-men movies so forget it i m in the Xmf movies so never mind that so don’t even think of rebooting X-men or Cancelled X-men not in this life time so forget it

  5. No timetravel please. I loved what they did with the Phoenix story in the films…

    I hope the X-films will continue to be down to the Earth (no timetravel, no aliens, no alternate realities).

  6. Wait, wait…This is great news!
    I see that many don’t think that they should add in time travelling, but come on guys, they kinda did stuff up X-Men origins Wolverine and X3 BUT using time travelling and alternate univereses, they can make the XFilms we know, a fake or in another universe, making XMF the REAL X-Men…Get what I mean? Thats only if they uses this for X-Men First Class.

    But for X4…….WHAAAT?!

  7. I have to say I disagree with xavierstorma on this. X-MEN comics are huge in scale as far as univurse and story. Take the latest Avengers movie for instants… honestly it really blew me away. Why? Easy, sure it had it’s trouble spots but what they did right is make it an epic story as well as not limiting it. I think the X-MEN films could use that kind of treatment, while still staying with an amazing plot and story. Time travel, why the hell not? Alternate realities, sure. The Poenix story in the films was great until X-Men 3. So if they can fix that mess…why not? As long as it adds to and makes a great story..I say yes! I do want to see the original cast in this movie. That could be outstanding! Halle Berry “Storm” and all! And yes Sentinels would be a must!

  8. Making the “Day of the Future Past” storyline is a great start of having a connection with the previous X-men movies. It might appear as half XFC sequel and X3 sequel if they put the timeline after the events of the “cure”.

    I’m sure they will come up into an interesting plan and storyline with this and I’m looking forward to see the old cast in their character again.

  9. AVENGERS blew you away? Why? It was TRANSFORMERS 3 with superheroes instead of super robots. It was the very same movie as BATTLESHIP… in many ways even worse, since the Avengers used to stay onboard that boring carrier (after half an hour the sets were so boring) instead of DOING something.
    Aliens attacking a big city… wow… innovation at it’s best…

    Seriously… if you liked that movie, that’s great. Well I did not. I want my superhero movies with at least bits and pieces of demand. I love the Nolan Batman films, and yes, I love all 5 X-films so far… because they are credible. Except for the mutations, the X-Men are down to the Earth. That’s why the concept works… add Sci-Fi aspects like timetravel, alternate realities to it, and you will loose audience. I want the X-Men to comment on social themes through their special frame, I do not want them to fight just another alien species, or play Trek09 with some sort of timetraveling gangster.

    Now what I could imagine for X4, based on the name would be some kind of Guantanamo scenario, where mutants are actually put into camps due to some terrorist assault on behalf of the Brotherhood.

    I hope that FIRST CLASS 2 will be just like the first part was. Comment on a historic event (Vaugn mentioned Kennedy’s assassination in earlier interviews as a starting point for the story), add demand and believable characters to it, and – for God’s sake – stay on the ground.

    Just my 2 cents. ;)

  10. Logically That would be X-Men 4. Maybe it would involve the original cast. Maybe it will involve the man called Cable. Maybe.

  11. What we may be seeing if combination of the X4 Ideas with first Class sequel.Imagne a epic 15 minute opening sequenze In future of Sentinles unleashed on world .A plan unleashed to use time travel to prevent this future.Sentinles attacks ruins of the mansion.Epic battle between remianing X-Men and sentinles to allow one character to be able to be sent back In time.In Past this character has to get Xavier and first Class era X-Men to stop Magneto and Brotherhood from doing something that will set In motion the chain of events which unleashes the Sentinles.

  12. Well Anthony your the men here in this website and if that is your expression of what meaning Chris Roberts or Rob well Anthony you can rule that idea of this Guys and only you have that capasity to involved your amazing ideas in here men seriously and if you like to see what is cooking fox in that website that you give us we fans can rule to you of course in this website and i excuse you for not puting it well the website of fox this idea and pardon me if i piss it you of only i had to correcto you if i may of course thank you if not parddon me i never do it again if you don’t want to so there you go the website of fox there you go i think and i hope so or i will pu or you anthony punish me ok so there you go for you ofcourse

  13. Xavier, I’m not saying that the X-MEN franchise should be less real or credable but in order to fix the trouple with continuty. They may need to add time travel and other big elements to help bring these movies together. I would love to see it happen.

    • Nick is not having any trouble in here, the tittle asking for owr opinions that,s all like Anthony send us the website of fox saying and Anthony said that fox is preparing somethings for us and he like anthony to investigated of what,s cooking fox that means somethings comes up for the future of them for us that,s all but is not having any trouble at all is just the title ask us about the future past of X-men movies that,s all so easy there ain’t going to be any trouble so easy relax

  14. Wait, Anothny and the rest of you guys, is this a sequel to X4?!
    I thought it was at first but then I thought it was a sequel to X-Men First Class.

    I agree with Chris, your ideas are epic! If that is for a X-Men 4…
    If for some reason this is for X-Men First Class, then they could make the other X-Films in another universe and make the sequel and XMFC the ‘real’ universe..But that is if that is the sequel.

    But from what I am reading, you guys want this to be a mash up sequel yeah?

    • is not a mash up like a broken series not at all, the tittle asking for the future past of X-men movies if there are going to be more x-men films for the future that,s all they ask us and what do we thing of that that is what is asking the tittle of us that anthony send us that,s all Marvel Fan

  15. What if, following Chris’s idea;
    -The original X-Men opening sequence occurs, with both Patrick Stewart AND James McVoy talking about evolution.
    -We see the aftermath of X-Men First Class (Erik and his side, Charlse and his)
    -We then move to the original X-Films mansion, and thier aftermath.

    Leaving the audience to wonder wtf is happening!

    -We of course see the next events of XMFC-Jean, Scott, Storm etc joining
    -Then we see the next stages of X3-Jean returning, introducing more characters etc

    Then somehow this adds up, both showing their sides and then somehow…They all stand on opposite sides staring at one another, when somehow they all are transported to some base, its the future and then there is a sudden boom and an explosion allows a wall to break down, revealing the Sentiels leaving thier base and heading for Xaiver Mansion.
    They all run there and have an epic battle and at the end, they all go back to their universes…

    See, that is what would happen (or so I think) if according to you guys, with the epic idea of s sequel mash up.

    BUT IF this movie title and news is a serperate movie to the films that we know, we shouldn;t worry about this, as we need to focus on the current and upcoming films.
    BUT (sorry for the butts) They could film it too, coz they don’t need the same actors…

    What do you think?

  16. I see this film starting In future with sentinles.Xavier,Magneto and other surving mutants in camp.Wolverine launch rescue.At reuins of the mansion an attempt Is made to send eather Kitty or rogue back In time.Sentinles arrive at masnion and final battle with sentinles while eather Kitty or Rogue Is sent back In time.In past the time traveler eventully goes to Younger Xavier and X-Men at this time to both warn them and get help about event Magneto and Brotherhood will do that will eventully lead to The Sentinles.

    You start out as a X4 then It becomes a first Class sequel with 1 actor briding the eras.

    Inless the first Class era jumps to 1970′s still too early to have Cyclops and Jean Grey In It.

  17. It’s about mixing the timeline, the First Class team in the past while some of the members of X-men Originals in the not too distant future. In that way they could make some connections which might leads to X4 but still the movie is focus on the sequel of XFC.

  18. What?

    Some sites say that the sequel to First Class with feature travelling, thus having the Days of the future past.

    I still dont get your points..

    Some people say a mash up
    Some say sequel to XFC then travel in time
    Some say sequel to X3 and travel BACK in time.
    Some say, that this should be one movie on its own and let the current films take its place (thats me)

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