Battle Arena “X-Men: First Class” Erik vs Riptide

Welcome to Battle Arena “X-Men: First Class Edition” Round 5 featuring Erik Lensherr versus Riptide. In your opinion, which mutant would win in a battle against each other? Place your votes in the poll below! The winner will earn a spot in the Omega League joining Beast, Banshee, Mystique, Sebastian Shaw and battle against each other in future rounds. Only 3 mutants will join the Alpha Omega League, leading to an epic battle with greats from previous chapters in the X-Men universe.

Erik Lensherr: A mutant with the power to manipulate the Earth’s electromagnetic fields to achieve a wide range of effects. Erik can control magnetism and manipulate metal. He can affect a very large quantity of metal at one time.

Riptide: A mutant with the ability to create powerful whirlwinds from his hands and also by spinning his body at great speed

One vote allowed per day.

  1 comment for “Battle Arena “X-Men: First Class” Erik vs Riptide

  1. Rochelle
    November 17, 2011 at 3:21 am

    Erik of course!

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