Michael Fassbender on his character Magneto.

Let the pre-publicity begin! MSN has a new interview with X-MEN: FIRST CLASS star Michael Fassbender, who plays the metal-manipulating mutant Erik Lensherr aka Magneto.

Below are some select quotes, but click here to read the full thing, which thankfully, is pretty long:

I think the fundamentals are the same. The main thread of the story is still the same. I don’t really know how to answer the question because I haven’t seen this one yet, so I haven’t had a chance to watch it side by side with the other ones and see if they’re relative to each other. Hopefully they are, I think, but also we want to do something fresh as well and open a whole new chapter with this without totally betraying what was laid down before.

As for the costumes, we went back and forth on so many things. We added things that worked in the comics, took them away again, and stripped them down again. … When it came to the Magneto suit, you know, there’s various stages of what has been done with it, but you will have something that is traditional to the comics. There is a helmet (laughs), which is of course essential to keep Charlie-boy out of my head, and the colors are also kept traditional to the comics, that sort of red and purple. I don’t know if I’m giving you too much, but I’ll say it anyway (laughs).

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  1. We forgive u Matt all commits some errors in this lifetime so is cool to know ur thougs no worries and if u don,t like it for us is just fine but whatever u like for us is good to know ur toughs about ur thinkings so thank u anthony for share this information about matt to us we appresiated of this info. thank u for this information.

    and i agree on X-man on magneto that magneto is going to be a perfect one of this x-men first class film


  2. Ohh NOOO…. anthony this is a warning from all of us fans please please please pretty please take good care of us that means that we hope that all of this info news we hope in the future that we hope that we don,t expect any bad news on rebooting X-men films please please please



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