The future of the X-Men film franchise.

With X-MEN: FIRST CLASS now released, 20th Century Fox has to focus on future films in the ever-expanding and profitable X-Men franchise. Lets take a look at what new films are set to go into production and which are being developed for potential release.


THE WOLVERINE: Production is expected to begin in October, according to star and producer Hugh Jackman. The film, which follows Wolverine on his adventures in Japan, will shoot in the USA and Japan. While an official release date has not been announced, word is the film may be fast-tracked to 2012. Last we heard, ‘3:10 to Yuma’ director James Mangold was set to helm the film, after original director Darren Aronofsky bowed out from the project. The movie is described as a standalone film, that doesn’t directly reference 2009’s X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE.


DEADPOOL: Ryan Reynolds really wants to see this film, which follows the comical and violent ‘merc with a mouth,’ get made. He’s actively conversing with screenwriters Zack Stenz and Ashley Miller and had a major say in director Tim Miller joining the project. Miller created an insane presentation that impressed Reynolds and producer Shuler Donner. “I love Tim.” says Reynolds. “Tim is someone who we all vetted through and through. He’s a guy who captures the spirit of it, and he’s also an incredible visual artist.”


X-MEN: FIRST CLASS 2: Matthew Vaughn and Bryan Singer have discussed plans for a potential sequel, which would continue the story of Charles Xavier and Magneto, set around another possible historical event. “I don’t know if every movie has to be a history lesson, but there’s a lot of history to cover.” said Singer. “If we sequelized this, it could inhabit a whole world of the 20th century.” The critically praised FIRST CLASS has just made back its $140 million budget in domestic box office and continues to do well overseas.

X-MEN 4/5: A follow up to X-MEN: THE LAST STAND may be in the cards. Producer Lauren Shuler Donner said in March that they “took [a] treatment to Fox and they love it.” adding that “X4 leads into X5.” Bryan Singer has been rumored to have connections with the project, which will continue the X-Men story in an exciting way. It’s unknown if Fox will move forward with X4, but it would be a surefire profit maker, if done right.


NEW MUTANTS: Producer Lauren Shuler Donner has long had interest in a big screen film following young mutants in training. Recent reports suggested the film had not yet been presented to Fox, though it may be a potential project she follows up on.

DAZZLER: The film, which would follow mutant pop star musician Alison Blaire, has long been in talks at the studio. As of now the studio has registered, but no active developments have been made as of yet. Its been discussed, but has not gained much steam.

EMMA FROST: In 2006, a solo film following mutant telepath Emma Frost was being discussed with director David O. Russell. Talks ceased shortly after, though Frost has been finding success in X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE and X-MEN: FIRST CLASS.


X-MEN ORIGINS: MAGNETO This origin tale following Erik Lensherr ceased development when X-MEN: FIRST CLASS was greenlit. A full screenplay by Sheldon Turner exists, but Fox doesn’t see any need in moving forward with the project.

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  1. OH MY GOD WHAAAT?!?!?!? THIS IS GETTING SO MUCH ULTA ECXITED THAT I EVER IMAGUINE AAAWWW!!! what a exciting and AMAZING NEWS!!! woooowww eeehhaaaa!!!!

  2. We will defineatly see THE WOLVERINE and FIRST CLASS 2. The rest… well let’s just be patient and wait. X4 is possible. But I think Fox will think twice about DEADPOOL now that GREEN LANTERN bombed at the BO.

  3. I only hope that Fox will officially announce the sequel of X-Men First Class!!!! As for the Wolverine, I don’t know what to think!

    Deadpool : not convinced at all by Ryan Reynolds. Yet, Green Lantern is a huge disappointment!

    As for X-Men 4 and 5 : the best thing to do would be to keep the story going on just right after X-Men 2!

  4. Antony, I see we are agreed that X4 could be a big movie maker, if done right.

    If Bryan does it, it could be an excelent sequel, definetly.

    But Fox will probably do First Class 2 first, and if it gets more money than X3, Im afraid we should say goodbye to X4 with the original cast 🙁

    only time will tell, tho.

  5. Exactly Angel.

    I would rather see X Men First Class 2, because
    1. I want to see more X-Men-ny stuff
    2. Coz they are already planning it 🙂

    As for Deadpool like you guys, I don’t care about this film anymore. Its just a waste I think. I mean sure there is going to be massive amounts of blood and body parts being flown across the screen from time to time but really….Whats it going to do? Get Ryan a ton of money?

    X-Men 4, I would hate to see a new cast! I love the old cast! Sure Patrick and Ian are really old. But at least if they continue and bring in new actors/resses please bring in old cast members!

    As for New Mutants and Emma and Dazzler…Eh!

  6. Well Deadpool is very unlikely to happen, as Renyolds has shown an inability to carry a superhero film with him having done Blad Trinity and Green Lantern, which were both box office flops.

    New Mutants and Emma Forst, and Dazzler are long shots and I do not think the Fox studio wants to take a risk with them.

    The Wolverine will likley go into production with Hugh Jackman returning as both star and co-producer. Actually I suspect that the story we saw in X-Men First Class can serve as a basis for an X-Men 4 and X-Men 5. and the studio will bnakroll these movies.

  7. If Deadpool doesn’t go Into production by end of 2012 it ainet happening.The earliest I can
    see The wolverine In theatres Is fall 2012 most likely November.

    First Class Is on track to become the X-Men Prequel trilogy.Based on comments from both Bryan Singer and Matthew Vaughn the sequel could be set in early 1970’s with the Vietnam war
    playing a part of the storyline with third and final film jumping to 1980’s and Introducing Teenage Cyclops,Jean Grey and Storm.

    I will bet people Bryan Singer Is the one who came up with the X4/X5 storyidea.And he may pull a superman returns on The Last Stand and we could have a lineup of character that were alive at end of X2 with the possibilty of reintroducing Gambit.I strongly suspect X4 will be based on Days of future Past.A strong case can be made First Class Is prequel to Just X-Men nad X2 although Matthew Vaughn at times blurrs the line between Prequel and Reboot.

  8. The first three got me just too exited!! Too much!
    & i’ve been wishing a Bryan Singer’s X4 for years!
    Emma Frost sounds just soooooooooooooooooo nice to me!
    But New Mutants!? seems to me just like FC!!
    Dazzler is the least importanto for me, but it’ll be nice to have it…
    Too Many!! I wish they all get done!!
    But…where the fck is Gambit!?

  9. Too much to handle the excitement!.. I agree with X4-5, X-men: First Class 2 and New Mutants.. I think these three films has a connection to each other.

    Please! Make X4 first!

  10. I think Emma Frost and Dazzler are not a good idea.. They must be a supporting character not a major one.

    I am really looking forward to their plan about New Mutants but I hope these mutants will appear in X4 first before their own film.


  12. I’m just interested in X-Men First Class 2 , X4 and X5, and the Wolverine movie. Can’t wait for those…. I hope we get the Wolverine next year, and XFC 2 on 2013…. Please?????

  13. I think they should do x4 and x5 so they can control the havok that x3 caused and finally put a closure to it! They need to save that trilogy, and the only way to do it is MAKE X4 and X5 GREAT FILMS!

  14. The Wolverine is a stand alone film so why they need to make it first before X4? They must to do the sequel first! I want to see the old cast and characters..

  15. I am interested in a X-Men First Class.

    Not a sequel to XMC but a original film:

    Focusing on the backstories Xaivier and Erik first, then Scott, Jean, Beast, Ice-man and Angel, not like how they did Havok and Darwin, showing them in a car or a cell and letting the audience fiure out how they came to that, more like Charles, Mystique and Eriks.
    Then of course show Eirk becoming Magneto, and having a bortherhood and them battling and then in the midst of the battle, something tragic occurs and Charles’s legs go….dead….
    Then towards the end of the film they can…Say that a powerful weather disturbence has occured in Afica and the screen goes black, indicating Storm’s story for the next film.

    Something alongs those lines.

    Or if they continue with XMC and make XMC2, intorduce Scott, Jean, Ice-man and Angel. Basically forgeting about Charles losing his legs from the quick plot up above the ‘Something along those lines’

  16. I wouldn’t mind an Emma Frost movie if it wasn’t January Jones playing her. Yeah she was hot and whatever but I don’t think she really captured the character.
    All the other movies sound pretty cool well except for New Mutants I’m sick of seeing little teenager being trained…

    • What would it be about?
      Her horrible childhood and then mvoing on to the Helfire Club?

      • Yes. And then leading the X-Mansion; later on fighting Apocalypse and Sinister for example. I´d love to see that. It´d be quite dark.

        And sorry, but – can someone pleaaaaase delete Cyber-X? He is sooooooo hangs on me nerves, dude!!!! OH GOD THESE SO EXCITED MAN!!!! CAN´T BELIEV IT!

  17. i m Deleted so many times Dave and looks like we have something in common DAVE and the author deleted me for them and for the miss understood ok DAVE so you 2 as well ?? your just like ROBERT

  18. Calm down Cyber X and Dave.

    We need to get some news on X4, they said they have plans, but come on, everytime something happend in the XFC department, it went straight onto a article and published.

  19. sorry, Marvel Fan> but you where right,.. but in my part i m only interested in X-men first class 2 but thank u anyway and sorry about that Marvel fan

  20. They need to do X4 before the original cast grows older and doesn’t wanna do it. X3 was a totally disappointment.

    As for the X-Men: First Class sequel, they need to use reference from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, X1, and X3 because Charlies was walking when he recruited Cyclops and Jean Grey (by a machinary to let him walk like the one from “Wolverine and the X-Men”), and he built Cerebro with Magneto.

  21. I think personally for a First Class 2 idea now bare with me this is just a synopsis.

    Cameron Hodge is the main villian with his group of brain washed mutants called the Magistrates similar to the group Havok was in the X-Tinction Agenda story arc. The film is set around 1971 the X-Men and Brotherhood have been battling each other since the Cuban Missle Crisis. With Magneto’s Brotherhood growing and feeling as though he needs new students. Xaiver with the help of Beast decide to remake Cerebro using Beast’s old design from the first film (First Class not X1). Xaiver finds three mutants the follwing mutants are (I’m probably going to get critizied but bare with me this is just my opinion) Jean-Paul Beaubier (Northstar in the comics) a young French Canadian mutant who was a former member of the Quebec Liberation Front. Jean-Paul can fly and run at lightspeed and fly at lightspeed with the addition of Light Manipulation. Second is Southern Farm Boy Sam Guthrie (Cannonball in the comics) Sam can release thermochemical energy around his body, and fly using this energy. Sam has problems trying to stop when he is flying, originally having to crash in the ground to stop. Third and last is Danielle Moonstar, a young Native American girl of Cheyenne heritage. Danielle’s powers are Illusion Generation, Telepathic rapport with animals, and ability to create solid objects out of Psionic energy. With these three new ‘students’ tensions rise between the new and old X-Men. Sam and Havok argue over who should be the leader (As Havok acts as the unoffical field leader of the X-Men similar to his X-Factor run). Banshee tries to hit on Moonstar. Jean-Paul feels like he is not cut out to be an X-Man. But when a military bombing in North Vietnam that will happen in a matter of days. The X-Men including the three new recruits go to Vietnam to try to evacuate as many civillians as they can. But they discover something much bigger and far worse when they arrive. Meanwhile Magneto and his Brotherhood deal with Cameron Hodge and his Magistrates.

    This is just a synopsis please tell me what you all think.
    Note: I know Cannonball and Moonstar are New Mutants and a New Mutants movie may be possible but let’s admit it. It may not happen.
    Thank you!

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