Fanmade ‘Uncanny X-Men’ web series coming soon!

‘Eric Green’ tells us that he’s directing an unofficial fan series based off the popular comic Uncanny X-Men. Following the popular Phoenix saga storyline, the web series will feature Cyclops, Phoenix, Wolverine, Magneto, Nightcrawler and many other popular characters.

Check out the trailer below and “like” the series on Facebook!

3 responses to “Fanmade ‘Uncanny X-Men’ web series coming soon!

  1. For those who are tired of the films leaving out important details, our series is taken from the original comics. Our heroes are updated to convention equipment and fashions.

  2. Interesting! Asa hobby filmmaker myself I can only wish you luck. It is extremly hard to put something like this together without a multi-thousand dollar budget.
    If I may: You should work on the illumination of the scenes. Take just one big light and leave the rest to minimum… will make it look more authentic. Keep rooms in the dark (the X-mansion) so the audience won’t see every corner of a scene. It will add scale to it! Play with shadows. I know, those can be tricky, but if handled right, they will be your best friends!

    Good luck!!!

  3. Lol very funny i like it very much infact this guys should by presenting in Comic-Con 2012 the museum xuse me spelling they sure they like it very awesome Comic-Con 2012 in canada

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