Comics 2 Screen: X-Men Movie Comparisons

Azazel has a knack for using swords in battle.

“First Class” featured classic comic book blue and yellow/ gold uniforms.

Beast’s comic book origin of mutating into the furry blue mutant shown in “First Class.”

Darwin, the mutant that is able to adapt to anything…is killed. He also “died” in the comic books and converted into energy before reforming his body.

Emma Frost’s classic comic book attire adapted for the big screen.

Magneto’s comic book helmet appeared in “X-Men: First Class.”

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6 responses to “Comics 2 Screen: X-Men Movie Comparisons

  1. i have to say that is very Xplended very similar i mean imitated so in first class2 i wana see changes in the sooths of the team of Xavier not Yellow i prefer black then yellow the black sooth is the original X-men believe me it,s so original the other sooths then the other yellow ones and also the helmet as well it look better the helmet of Ian mCellen then this one of MIchael Fassbender

  2. what did Anthony to X-men movie is totaly xplended and amasing only i wish to see black sooths on first class 2 not yellow spandex is Black sooths not yellow like the first one i like better the black ones instead of yellow coz is to original the black ones like Batman the first movie of the joker this one 2

  3. Looks like this author Anthony have a lot a work to discober or to do in the future coz he is an a hard worker men that,s why he didn’t apear in certain work only in certain work he apear is depends on how he sees the post of certain fans

  4. i mean the way i see he works of the website of XMF to put us fun links of x-men links and episodes and cartoons of my point of view of him wich is so great i nice a pretty

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