NEW MUTANTS coming to a theater near you?

Since the early days of the “X-Men” film franchise, producer Lauren Shuler Donner has continously spoke about her desire to bring NEW MUTANTS to the big screen. Looks like she might be getting her wish. Just recently Collider caught up with Fox CEO Tom Rothman at CinemaCon in Las Vegas. According to the site, he strongly hinted at it being developed, along with other properties. He says to expect announcements on future Fox/ Marvel films this Summer.

The original NEW MUTANTS were teenaged students of Professor Charles Xavier, much like the original X-Men, who had since grown into adulthood. These students varied in ethnic diversity. The original team consisted of Cannonball, Karma, Wolfsbane, Sunspot and Psyche. They were formed by Professor X when he was under the control of the menacing alien race called the Brood.

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17 responses to “NEW MUTANTS coming to a theater near you?

  1. WUUUUUHHHHHUUUUUUHUUUUUUWWWWWWW YYYEEEAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAY THE GO x-MEN first a wana si if there is X4 a this famous character scarles as a witch so very powerfool i m especting to see her as a mutant cos he for me is new if there is a x4 ofcourse and also a Jubille one of the most awesome character of all including scarlet witch yeeeaaaaHHH!!!!!!!!

  2. Pardon me for the country but i think if you read this whole articule X-fans of a new mutants i think that there aren’t going to be an X-men 4 coz theyre already resolve the new plan scense this year 1975 with the new mutants and if you don’t believe me read the whole acrticule of the new mutants they got it all sorry for the descepcion i think they are going to renew the X-men plan with the new mutants fairly

    i said fairly for you X-fans for me is they do whatever they planning to do for me is freedom for them i don’t know about the Xfans over here i don’t know what the fans think over here about the new articule of a new mutants thank you.

  3. YES AND NO!

    Yes to this movie happening!
    NO to this movie coming later.

    My god, marvel is (FINALLY) coming up with epic movie ideas, HOWEVER we need to show the IMPORTANT movies first.

    For example:
    -X Men First Class 2
    -X Men 4
    -Wolverine…Dunno why I am putting this here.

    Movies that need to wait:
    -Emma Frost and Gambit solo’s
    -New mutants

    You can introduce this movie as in the future and still make the sequels to the current films, make it a twist but not now, please, if you guys are reading this, don’t put this movie first!

  4. I guess this is THE AVENGERS effect. Although I am not in the slightest interested to see THE AVENGERS (too many aliens in that one), I am grateful for the effect.
    We have two X-films in the making (The Wolverine, First Class 2) and now this.
    The X-franchise could become as huge as the Marvel Cinematic Universe…

  5. is not the Avenger effect is a new movie with a new mutants in X-men new frenchise that,s all futureing by Lauren shulder dooner and those guys

  6. I’d rather more effort get put into an X-Men 4…but if they make it, I’m sure I’ll see it. Better have plenty of X-Men cameos, though.

  7. i think X-men 4 is on the past coz the principal pf X-men the last stand said is a new day for the world for those who wants peace and the principal mets Hank (beast) in the final scene so looks like X-men:the last stand is the final battle there aren’t going to be an X-men 4 if Magneto looses he,s powers… what they ask or they especting on the future is a renew the frenchise by this producer Mrs Shulder dooner of X-men films with the new mutant,s characters this characters is on the past Cyclopes Xavier Jean Storm and all of them so what they want is bring a new mutants for the future of now on.. the others are in the past for them they i mean the old mutants i mean Cyclopes storm wolve beast and all of them are now in the past cos for the pruducers are now bored is now for them changing the past with the new mutants and that,s what i agree i m sorry but i agree with those producers also with mrs Shulder dooner i m sorry but i do is freedom for them so i,ve voted for (YES) BRING THE NEW MUTANTS IN THE LIFE thank you i m sorry for the old ones is now changing the past i m sorry

    • that is an old frenchise like shulder dooner said they have to remake the tree movies of X-men like they make X-men:first class so they wana see another new mutants in a new frenchise in a future that is what i read in the new articule of the future of X-men so what i never read before is one of this characters is a wherewolf Karma Canonball and the other i don’t know but they look,s very interesting for the ideas of Mrs Lauren shulder Dooner very interesting and the other team doesn’t look the wherewolf or Karma or Canonball like we are going to see in the future this charcters sound so very interesting the only character that we seen in the old movies is Cyclopes storm Beast colossus lceman and pyro and in this newline frenchise they wana renew the frenchise like Canonball wherewolf and Karma and those new character doesn’t seen in the old movie so they wana see new future of the new X-men Films so there you go

  8. there obios is a good and especial soryline even if there are identical twins girls over here that would be awesome i love the subject of twins they are so awesome so if you don’t guys believe me they are identical twins girl see it for your selfs in this picture upstairs that is awesome

  9. yep they absolutley are identical twins girl in this wonderful picture and i hope for then thayre stronger then ever

  10. No I think they should continue with the remaining characters in X3, coz they made SO many sequel plans in the third movie, that needs to be carried on.

    If they follow your plans with New mutants as the new X Men in X4, I think they should so the previous members in flashbacks

    e.g Jean Grey, Magneto, Charlse and Mystique

  11. is not my Plans Marvel fan is the plans of the producer Lauren shulder dooner or this guy tom rothman i think you should read this article upstairs on this site for us do not having bad understood that is my idea to you to read this article of the new mutants cos i don’t know what is going on on this plans i just follow plans on the producers that,s all but yea you marvel fan you should read this article of tom rothman send us for knowing them what is happening with theyre plans that,s all

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