X-Men fan film adapted from Ultimate X-Men

Check out this awesome fan film called “A New Mutant” which adapts Marvel Comics’ Ultimate X-Men Vol 41. “This was this semester’s cinematography class project at Central Michigan University.” says executive producer Eric Limarenko. “It even got a thumbs up from [Brian Michael] Bendis.”

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  1. interesting but so rere only Wolverine is the original one from he,s hair and he,s actitud so dark and so serious for wolverine and this kind of mutnat i don,t know what in the hell what abiliti is got so weird for killing ppl unless xavier scense what habiliti do this kind of new mutant to use for killing ppl or making ppl invinsible so weird what kind of DNA have him to killing ppl but:

    i realy want to see for my special opinion is this two special girl Scartett Witch and Jubilee the electrical girl who use her speccial electrokinesis ability so awesome and Scarlett witch she manipulates fire balls so ultramate awesome they both are so super ultramate awesome so super cool

  2. Not bad… not bad at all. I really liked the cinematography, though they could have used more cuts and different cameras (for example in the wake up sequence). That was too static. The illumination inside the house was to smooth. Less is more in this case. Don’t be afraid to play with shadows, do not show the whole set, scene etc. Let the audience make up the rest of the location in their minds.
    What I did like were the scenes outside, the camera passes etc. Well done.
    The cave scene was great. Superb cinema-quality like illumination. Good dialogue and the Wolverine actor really did a good job.
    Overall very recommendable 15 minutes of film!!! Thanks for this!

    • this Video has theyre own experience is interesting for someone to have fear on him self is interesting why not is part of the storyline of course like Xavierstorma said not bad i give this video an A a clasificcion A for all the hard work of the producers so interesting

  3. Brilliant movie!
    Great use of acting, great use of location…Although you need to work on the efffects a bit more.

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