Fan-made posters for THE WOLVERINE

Director James Mangold’s THE WOLVERINE will begin production at Fox Studios in Sydney, Australia early next month with “X-Men” vet, Hugh Jackman! Logan’s next journey will see him going to Japan and battling many dangerous threats. In anticipation, fans have already begun making artwork for the film, which releases July 26, 2013.

Below are some of our favorite poster concepts from around the net (left to right): Sahin Düzgün, Behold! with Rafi Ben Aharon & Ton van Alebeek, James, xavierstorma, and Neil J Fernandes.

5 responses to “Fan-made posters for THE WOLVERINE

  1. Excuse me but Band of Brothers theyre nothig as to do with X-men, band of brothers is a special series of this Channel HBO not on Sci fi or FX movies on Band of brothers in this movie of Band of brothers there are black ppl with so many violence not like X-men films band of brothers they use so many violence and agresive ppl so there nothing as to do with those special mutants untill now as we know of. by the way what a creative world of this posters of the second film of Wolvie looks like legend this posters so wonderful like the last of the moicans so interesting this one too so wonderful congrats

    • It is a “What would be if…” poster. I loved the chemistry between Liev and Hugh in XMOW… I would love a whole movie portraying the brothers in let’s say WW II… that’s why I chose the title, which is a title of the WW II series… 😉

  2. can you Xavierstorma be more especific on what are you trying to say on your last post of this link please coz i don’t understand well what are you trying to say please on your last post your last post is “What would be if” thank you

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