Rumor: Michelle Trachtenberg in ‘Days Of Future Past’?


Time to speculate!

X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST director, Bryan Singer recently started following “Buffy” and “Gossip Girl” actress, Michelle Trachtenberg on Twitter. Trachtenberg returned the favor, following him as well. On April 11th, she tweeted her fans about getting a new red hair color; she didn’t give the reason for the change.

This could be a random coincidence, but fans are wondering if Trachtenberg’s dye-job is connected to her being involved with Singer’s film. Likely character choices would include a young Jean Grey in the 70’s or Rachel Summers, Cyclops and Jean’s daughter from an alternate future timeline, who appears in the original DOFP comic.

Thanks to Angamb for the scoop, and @X4Campaign for the heads up!

28 responses to “Rumor: Michelle Trachtenberg in ‘Days Of Future Past’?

  1. She has come along way since she was the girl with a cast on her arm on Pete & Pete lol. I could see her in either part!!

  2. if Jean and Scott never maried in the comic book she may be seened like a little student knowing her powers as a little Jean grey

  3. like a student but like Jean is Impossible is possible like Rogue but Jean is way to far like Jean

  4. As for the Time Travel. Too bad they can not have Dr. Who appear in the Tardis and journey through time that way.

  5. that Cyber-X in not me saying (Her Hair needs Fixing) i m Mexican (soy mexicano) if u all knowtest and u seened my letter anthony before getting confused

  6. I thought I had it figured out, but now I’m lost again. I was under the impression that blink was in this movie because she would be teleporting the x-men through time using her powers, and eventually encounter apacolypse. However in the comics, it’s Rachel who teleports kitty. So I’d be surprised if its Rachel

  7. Blink is the main teleporter in the film.. but for Rachel, maybe it’s for another timeline.. I think they going to teleport in different timeline by different teleporter..

  8. Bryan is following Michelle because he has known her for a decade. She dated Shawn Ashmore (Iceman) from 2004 to 2006 and she attended Superman Returns Premiere with him. She’s also good friend with Anna Paquin. I’m nor saying that she’s not in the movie, but her involvement in XMDOFP has nothing to do with the fact that they’re following each other in twitter.

  9. Guys, just putting it out there but I have a source that says Famke will be in the film but as the White Queen of the Crowne….I don’t know if that meant by some werid chance that it meant Michelle is in the film…

    But its possible tho, didn’t Singer hint at a younger Jean and Scott?

    • No, not really but I think knowing Byran, he will pull a few surprises for this movie. after all 20th Century Fox wants their own X-Men cinematic universe like Marvel Studios has with the Avengers.

      • it’s actually white phoenix of the crown. the most powerful version of the phoenix force. so i doubt it will be part of the movie unless they completely retell what happened to jean in the first three movies

  10. Bryan probably knows Michelle from when she guested on HOUSE. I wouldn’t necessarily assume she’s going to feature in DoFP. Though she would make a cool Rachel Summers, as some have suggested…

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