‘X-Force’ movie in the works at Fox.

It appears that X-FORCE will be coming to a theater near you! The “X-Men” film is being developed at 20th Century Fox, and just three months ago, the studio registered it’s future website address at X-ForceMovie.com. This is usually how future X-Men film titles end up getting leaked. Going off previous talks with “X-Force” co-creator Rob Liefeld and producer Lauren Shuler Donner, things may be looking good for Cable to be brought into the mix.

Last year, Marvel consultant Mark Millar hinted at “X-Force” happening, saying…

“You have to remember that Fox grabbed the X-Men back in the ’90s because it was the biggest franchise in the world. So X-Force or Cable or Deadpool — all these amazing characters are things we haven’t really gotten to yet. ‘X-Force’ #1 was the second biggest book of all time behind Jim Lee’s ‘X-Men’ #1, so there’s an immediate brand recognition to that stuff and a build in fanbase. You go to any convention in the world, and you’ll see 20 people dressed as Deadpool. In a lot of ways, these are Marvel’s coolest characters, so I want to remind people of that and build on what we already have. I think there’s a great foundation, and just from basic conversations, we’ve come up with ten movies we could do. These things cost $150 million each to make, so we have to pick and choose what we want to do.”




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    • I agree on that.

      But maybe X-Force coming first would mean that a few of their members could appear on last sequel fighting Apocalypse, for example. would be a smart plan

    • Why? If he’s done right (aka not like XOW) it would be really awesome. You could have Cable, Deadpool, Wolverine, Warpath, and dare I say Angel (since he’s not Arachangel yet), and Psylocke (aka not XMTLS Psylocke). Sounds like a good lineup of characters to me 😉

  1. Because I don’t care about cross-overs and team-ups, and I’d rather prefer seeing the real Deadpool in his own movie for the first time.

  2. Iron Man wasn’t a top-tier character, and he didn’t need more exposure to launch his own movie. That’s just crap, and a cliché which is just wrong. If a movie looks interesting the audience will come, wether or not the character is actually well-known or not!

  3. @Ken: The best thing in movies are great screenplays and, as a result, great movies directed by talented directors. Crossovers? No, thanks!

      • I love all options.

        X-Force first, to lead to a new X-Men Mega Crossover with original cast more some X-Force members is an awesome idea!

        Imagine both teams fighting together against Apocalypse….. Mind-Blowing!

  4. Hopefully it’s Wolverine’s Uncanny X-Force with Archangel, Psylocke, Fantomex and Deadpool.

    Cable’s X-Force was awful and full of dated boring characters like Domino.

  5. I loved that Comic when I read it back in the 90’s. I think the team consisted of Cable, Domino, Warpath, Siryin (the daughter of Banshee), Cannonball (Sam Guthrie), and maybe one or two others I can not think of at the moment. This maybe the first film we see as 20th Century Fox expands it’s X-Men Movie universe after Days of Future Past. Cable did also appear in many of the episodes from the X-Men animated series that aired on Fox Kids. I think he was in seven shows in all.

  6. I really hope this gets done and done right. I do believe though that if they do it, they won’t be arc-specific on the team members. I would imagine that it would have Cable, Warpath, Deadpool, Psylocke, and a smaller role or just a cameo for Wolverine. Hugh Jackman has said he feels he is getting too old to play Wolverine again and again.

    The important thing is going to be the casting of Cable. I think that Sam Worthington would be a great choice to play him. If you disagree, watch Terminator: Salvation. And hopefully they can get Ryan Reynolds to come back and play Deadpool, with the proper characterization, of course.

    If it all leads to a shared universe and a team-up to fight Apocolypse, then that’s incredible! then we can see Angel become Archangel, and the four horsemen.

    • Are you kidding me? They’ll definitely have Wolverine in it only because they can’t seem to have an X-Men movie without him. He’s their guarantee to make money. Until they are brave and decide to give others some of the limelight, Logan will probably be in every X-Men movie incarnation. It sucks but it’s true. 🙁

      • I do agree to a point. But First Class was a huge success, and all Hugh Jackman did was tell Prof. X and Magneto to go fuck themselves.

        But I will say this… At some point, they need to bring Gambit into the main continuity and have him whoopin some ass. Love that Cajun motherfucker.

      • To be honest, First Class wasn’t a box office hit compared to the other X-Men movies. It was last domestically out of all of them and second last worldwide. (Although all of that is because they didn’t have any recognizable characters beyond Magneto, Mystique, Beast, Xavier and maybe Havok). Despite that, Hugh Jackman WAS still in it. He didn’t need to be in it but he was. They won’t do an X-Men movie unless he’s in it. And, I agree.. Gambit needs to be in a movie.. but based on the fact that they didn’t originally want to put him in because he was too much like Cyclops and Wolverine.. I’m not holding out hope for it.

  7. Please at least consider Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Cable he is the right choice for this character if you dont agree your stupid. Those who do agree lets petition and make it happen!!!!

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