‘The Wolverine’ Box Office: 1st weekend

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Update: Box office numbers as of Wednesday, July 31st are $68.9 million (domestic) and $91.9 million (foreign) for a worldwide total of $160.9 million.

In its first weekend in theaters, James Mangold’s THE WOLVERINE topped the box office, grossing $53.1 million (domestic) and $86 million (international) for a worldwide box office take of around $139.2 million. That’s more than a 35% drop from 2009’s “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” opening numbers ($85 mil), but matches closely with 2011’s “X-Men: First Class” ($55 mil).

Putting 3D costs and ticket price inflation into consideration, this places “The Wolverine” as having the lowest opening for any previously released “X-Men” film.

Quiet opening or not, it’s looking to become a “win” for 20th Century Fox. The film received a coveted A- Cinemascore from general audiences, so word-of-mouth should be pretty solid.

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Source: Box Office Mojo

4 responses to “‘The Wolverine’ Box Office: 1st weekend

  1. Box office returns totaled for over seas releases place the movie at $140 Million total for both over seas and domestic box office sales.

  2. Yup. On a 120 million budget, that’s in within 3 days. The film needs to make a total of 240 million to be a moderate, and 360 million to be considered a big success. With strong oversea numbers I think the movie will cross the 400 million, and outdo THE LAST STAND internationally!

  3. This was to be expected, since the American mainstream expects a city to blow up in every summer blockbuster. More intemate films don’t fare well with the average American audience.

    The film is a force overseas, where it will beat THE LAST STAND and become the most successful in the franchise.

  4. $254,039,000 as of 08/04/2013

    Awesome for a film on a 120 million budget. Let’s remember, it is just 9 days in release, and industry counts 200% as a moderate success. The movie should end its run at about 400 million which would make THE WOLVERINE a full success for 20th century Fox!

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