‘The Wolverine’ Box Office: 6th-7th Weekend

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During its 6th weekend at the box office, THE WOLVERINE came in at #19 with $1.7 million, bringing its domestic total to $128 million. Foreign numbers are at around $230 million, bringing its estimated worldwide total to more than $358 million.

Update 9/9/13…

Dropping out of the top 20 in its 7th weekend, the film made made $775k from 698 domestic theaters, dropping from last week’s $2.2 million haul (-54.8%). Going below the million mark for the first time, it looks like it’s heading for towards dollar theaters soon.

It performed well in its recent Egypt release – pushing the worldwide haul towards an impressive $361 million. There’s additional box office opportunity with Japan’s upcoming September 13th release.

Source: Box Office Mojo

8 responses to “‘The Wolverine’ Box Office: 6th-7th Weekend

  1. The Wolverine Fatigue even present now in the fans xD
    But what about the X-Men fans? You know.. the group of muntants who form that.. the reason why the X-Men where popular?!!! BECAUSE THEY WERE A TEAM.. not stand alone films !!!! r.r


  2. Team films are much more important to me than solo films. That said, if James Mangold were interested in doing another “Wolverine” film, then I’m game. That film was just too good. I’d like to see Omega Red and the return of Yukio and Victor Creed.


  3. Oh come on… which WOLVERINE fatigue?
    This was the only CBM this year with heart and brain. No wonder people wouldn’t go to see it (they prefere the braindead movies).
    Btw. 358 and counting. Outgrossed FIRST CLASS (which had a budget of 150 million vs WOLVERINE’s 120 million) and will outgross ORIGINS (370 million), by the end of it’s run.
    Internationally it is the most successful X-MEN film (not adjusted for inflation).

    Again 360 million on a 120 budget (for all who skipped their math lessons that’s 3 times as much) is a big success for the studio!


  4. The Wolverine is the LOWEST movie in USA of the whole franchise.

    If thats not fatigue, then I dont know what it is.

    Wolverine has been the star of 5 movies already, he should be much bigger than what these numbers speak. But no, his movies get less and less on USA each time.

    And its doing well internationally because the market its getting bigger, it has 3D (dont forget it) and has Jean Grey/Famke in it too. Three key factors.

    But a Wolverine movie, being “the most popular” x-man getting around 360 millions worldwide are poor numbers, however you wanna see it.


  5. I don’t think it’s fatigue . I just think most people were expecting a movie with a lot of special effects. ..saving the world tipe crap like Iron -man 3 and Man of steel . I loved The Wolverine because it was NOT like that ! and i really think that Origins hurt it bad and people dind’t think it could do better .
    It’s to bad that people didn’t understand the movie , it was so good , it had a good story and it had a fresh view considering all the comic book movies released this summer were about saving the world and mass distruction ! so if you ask me : people are focusing on the action and big special effects and not the story …which is sad !



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