‘Days of Future Past’ and ‘The Wolverine’ movie updates.


X-Men film franchise director Bryan Singer celebrated his birthday on Tuesday, the 17th of September. The official X-Men Movies Twitter tweeted out this behind the scenes photo of Singer during the final days of filming X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST last month, with a tiny peak of a green screen hidden by curtains.

Happy belated birthday, Bryan!



Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman recently spoke with The Daily Beast while promoting his new film “Prisoners” and opened up a little about his next turn as Wolvie in DOFP, saying…

“I think some people are saying, “Ah, this just sounds like an excuse to get all these actors together and make an Avengers-style movie,” but the truth is that it’s a great script and Bryan is very ambitious to make the best movie of them all. He’s got the biggest cast, the biggest budget, and he started it all, so it’s his legacy. He’s a fan of time-travel movies, and the detail that’s gone into it is incredible.”

When speaking about Wolverine’s interactions with Michael Fassbender’s Magneto in the film, Jackman says “It’s fair to say we don’t get on that well. I get sent back to the past and he has no idea who I am, but you can imagine Wolverine has a bit of fun with that.”


Box Office Update: As of 9/17, THE WOLVERINE has a domestic haul of $130 million in the USA (currently playing in 540 theaters), with a worldwide total of over $366.7 million worldwide. The film has earned close to $2.4 million in its latest foreign release in Japan, which released there on 9/13.

Source: Box Office Mojo


Film Sketchr has a look at some deleted storyboards from THE WOLVERINE concept artist Daniel James Cox.

Some of the artwork shows an unrated version of a death scene, which had Wolverine entering his claws into the neck of an unlucky fellow from the film. “[It] was specifically for the unrated DVD version. Still haven’t seen that version yet, so will be very interested to see if it made it in.” said Cox.




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  1. I’m dying to see the official poster of the rest of the characters !!!
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    I wann put them on my pc xD.. And im definetly not going to see the trailer of DOFP.. i wanna be surprised a lot xD.. I hope i can endure xD



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