China premiere moves ‘The Wolverine’ past $400 million.

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THE WOLVERINE reached the top of the Chinese box office chart, bringing in $18.7 million in its first week. This pushed the film’s worldwide total haul towards an impressive $405 million, while also helping 20th Century Fox pass the $2 billion mark in global ticket sales earnings for 2013.

The movie is the top grossing X-Men film in overseas markets, besting 2006’s “X-Men: The Last Stand”. Despite this, it’s shockingly the lowest grossing film in the USA.

Hugh Jackman attended the film’s press conference and premiere in Beijing last week and told reporters that he “honestly [hasn’t] made [the] decision” if he’ll continue playing Wolverine after the next X-Men movie.

“I’ve just finished shooting ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’,” he tells Xinhua. “I’ll make a decision in a little while. There will come a time when I’ll move on [from playing Wolverine]. The fans will want me to move on. Or more importantly, the studio will want me to move on. But right now I’m loving it.”

“[Days of Future Past] is certainly the biggest and the most epic X-men film. It’s a story which is emotionally rich, but intellectually, it’s gonna keep you on your toes. The plot is gonna exceed people’s expectations,” Jackman revealed.

Hugh Jackman Promotes "The Wolverine" In China

Photo Credit: Xinhua, Just Jared

7 responses to “China premiere moves ‘The Wolverine’ past $400 million.

  1. The film now stands at a worldwide box office of $389,294,005, it has outgrossed X-MEN (2000), X-MEN FIRST CLASS (2011) and it’s prequel ORIGINS (2009) and could outgross X2 (2002 – 407 million).

    So much for THE WOLVERINE being a failure or a disappointment. It was made on a 120 million budget. Add another 60 million for promotion and you have 180 million. A film needs to make at least 200% of it’s costs to be considered even for the studio, which would be in this case a 240 million, add the rest and the studio made more than 130 million profit with this film.




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