Watch the first trilogy of episodes from X-MEN RISE fan film.


Claws and Webs Productions has made a series of fan films titled X-MEN RISE, which focuses on the dramatic storytelling of various mutant characters. There are three episodes so far, which follows Cyclops’ troubled past, Wolverine’s extreme teaching methods and much more. Take a peek and let the filmmakers know what you think via their official Facebook page.

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Claws and Webs newest feature film is here! See Cyclops’ troubled past, Wolverine’s extreme teaching methods, and a twisted plot begins to unfold.

Alex Summers crashes the party! How will Scott react to his brother returning after three years? Also Rogue encounters a Cajun stranger, and Essex moves forward with his plan.

The X-Men have no inkling of the storm that’s coming for them. Alex’s motives become apparent, the rift between Cyclops and Wolverine grows, while Xavier and Magneto are powerless to stop Essex from initiating his endgame.

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