Negasonic’s role in DEADPOOL + SDCC footage details!


Newcomer actress Brianna Hildebrand finally opened up about her mysterious role as Negasonic Teenage Warhead in DEADPOOL. “She is a 15-year-old superhero in training,” she told fans during a panel at Comic Con International Saturday evening. “She’s Colossus’ trainee. She’s gothic, apathetic…she’s a strong, young superhero who’s a female and I love her.”

The folks over at Slash Film have a very detailed description of the footage that premiered at the panel. A preview is below, but click here to read in full.

The footage starts with Wade Wilson in his non-scarred state, curled up with his girlfriend Vanessa. “I love you, Wade Wilson. We can save this,” she says. He seems more skeptical. “Sure, the cancer’s only in my liver, lungs, prostate, brain…” A doctor warns him, “It’s important not to do anything rash.”

But the world has other ideas. “What if I told you we can make you better?” a man asks, as we see shots of Wade in a hoodie, going down shady-looking nightclubs and alleys and hallways. The man continues: “You’re a fighter. We can give you abilities most men only dream of. Make you a superhero.”

Wade responds, “Promise me you can do right by me, so I can do right by someone else.” And then, as he’s being rolled down a creepy-looking hallway on a gourney, that famous sense of humor emerges. “Just please don’t make my supersuit green. Or animated!” he calls.

He’s brought into a room where Ajax tells him, “The one thing that never survives this place is a sense of humor.” Wade retorts, “We’ll see about that, Posh Spice.” As Wade leaves, he calls, “You’re going to leave me with less angry Rosie O’Donnell?” Angel Dust doesn’t seem too happy to be in a room with him either, and punches him in the face. The reel cuts to an exterior shot, where we see a building explode…

And then we’re on top of a freeway overpass with Deadpool, this time in his full superhero costume, listening to Salt ‘N’ Pepa’s on a portable radio and drawing a picture of himself. He then drops into a moving car through its sunroof.

What follows is an updated version of the test footage reel that made Deadpool possible in the first place: Deadpool, once inside the car, starts beating up everyone inside. At some point the car flips over onto its side. Other cars close in, and people come out of them with guns pointed at Deadpool, who’s still in the car.

…there’s plenty more! Head over to Slash Film to read the rest!

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