Mysterious X-MEN film will return to Montreal for production in 2017.

According to Le Journal de Montreal, 20th Century Fox will bring X-MEN back to Montreal late next year after successfully completing production tenures for X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST and X-MEN: APOCALYPSE.

Production offices will open in November of 2016 in preparation for a 2017 shoot. Fox has a July 13, 2018 date scheduled, which may or may not be for this particular film.

In 2013, director Bryan Singer told attendees at Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival that he had plans for a Marvel Universe “mash-up” film. Whether this is that idea or a totally separate project with a different director remains to be seen.

“It was a miracle that we managed to attract an X-Men movie in Montreal in 2013,” said Mel’s Studios’ Michel Trudel. “To convince Fox to return for a second and now a third is simply amazing.

“It’s always great news for our industry when we welcome this kind of production, he continued. “We talk about films which have budgets of more than $200 million. A big production like X-Men generates direct and indirect economic benefits of hundreds of millions of dollars and makes work for more than 2,000 Québec professionals.”

Trudel spent last week in Los Angeles and made an agreement with Fox’s Joe Hartwick to host the next film in the ever-growing mutant superhero franchise.

“Fox are very satisfied with their experiences of shooting in both Montreal and this is one of the reasons why they wanted to come back for the next.

“They like our facilities, our technicians and they appreciate the fact that our studios are located five minutes from downtown and 15 minutes from the airport. Bryan Singer also likes the city. It feels good to be in Montreal.”

Source: Le Journal de Montreal

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