Producer Simon Kinberg on developing LEGION and HELLFIRE television series.

Continuing their discussion on upcoming X-MEN projects, producer and writer Simon Kinberg talked to Collider about the status of FX’s LEGION and Fox’s HELLFIRE television series.

“Legion and Hellfire are both super active,” he said. “Hellfire we’re hoping to be shooting at the beginning of next year, the pilot. It’s been extraordinary working with Noah Hawley [on Legion], who I think is a straight up genius. Actually the idea for Legion, it began in conversations with Lauren Schuler Donner and Bryan Singer and Noah me, but I remember I was actually in Moscow last year about to go into a dinner, I was there for the Days of Future Past premiere, and I was sitting in a car outside a restaurant about to go into dinner. It was really early on in the process, like one of the first conversations, and Noah and I were on a call just the two of us just riffing ideas, and I was sitting outside what I thought was gonna be like a 10 minute call and I ended up sitting out there for three and a half hours, missing the dinner. Everybody had not only had the dinner but went home, and I just got off that call being like, ‘It’s midnight in Moscow but we have to make this show with this guy because he’s so brilliant.’ So that’s really ramping up now, the production’s ramping up to start shooting at the beginning of the year with FX.”

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  1. Well, Kevin Bacon is out of a job with the Following’s cancellation, but January Jones was one of the worst things to happen to the X-Men franchise. Right along with X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the awful Brett Ratner! They need an actress with depth for Emma Frost.



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