Potential lineup revealed for Jeff Wadlow’s long-developing X-FORCE film.

Has the group lineup been revealed for 20th Century Fox’s developing X-FORCE film? It seems so, as concept artist Greg Semkow said he created unofficial artwork based off his friend, writer/director Jeff Wadlow’s early script. The piece features mutant characters (left to right) Feral, Cable, Cannonball, Domino and Warpath. It was actually posted last July, but ComicBook.com just recently came across the scoop.

There’s no word if this project will ever get off the ground. Wadlow’s involvement came back in 2013 just before his “Kick Ass 2” released in theaters to mixed reviews. Since then, Fox finally decided to give Tim Miller’s DEADPOOL the greenlight and signed up Josh Boone to tackle THE NEW MUTANTS.

There might be some hope in the future as Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool is said to appear in the screenplay. Early talks of his potential sequel hints at “the merc” interacting with Cable. If that happens and it resonates with audiences, Fox may see the potential of “X-Force” and place them further down the “X-Men universe timeline.

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  1. Looks more like Boom-Boom on the left than Feral. Just a not ridiculously 90s version of Boom-Boom. I wonder if we’ll see Shatterstar and Forge too.

    • The artist confirmed it to be Feral. If you zoom in you can see her arms are kinda hairy! And the white hair streak is a trademark of hers, besides Rogue. šŸ™‚

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