Impressive first look at X-MEN: DANGER ROOM PROTOCOLS animated fan series.


Vancouver-based animator and diehard X-Men fan Joel Furtado has created an 18-episode fan series titled X-MEN: DANGER ROOM PROTOCOLS. The show will focus on Professor Xavier sending teams of two X-Men through various training exercises in the Danger Room. The mutants will face off against a variety of villains in some familiar settings to fans.

The first episode premieres January 19th on YouTube. In it, Jean Grey and Wolverine must use their wits to survive a Sentinel attack. As they fight for their lives, Jean struggles to control her powers and unlocks a powerful force from within.

An intro for the web series has been released, which you can witness in all its glory below. It’s pretty awesome!

“I started developing the idea for the series about a year ago,” Furtado says. “It’s my love letter to Marvel and my childhood, but it’s also a way for me to give something back to loyal fans like me.

“My background is in gaming. For the past 10 years I’ve worked as an animator and art director for companies like EA and Microsoft. But my passion is comics, especially X-men. Like so many fans, I grew up with the X-men. I even had a personal mailbox at the local comic shop when I was young. The shop owner knew what comics I liked and would set aside the latest issues so I wouldn’t miss a single one.”

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