FX’s X-Men based LEGION TV series not set in film universe.


IGN — Speaking at the Television Critics Association, FX President John Landgraf talked about the progress being made on the X-Men based TV series LEGION, saying that it doesn’t take place in the film universe, but in a “parallel” one.

“We’re quite well along,” he said. We’ve had a writing staff working. We’ve seen not only the pilot but several episodes and we’re well in process of casting. I would anticipate that ‘Legion’ would go on the air some time in 2016, this year.

“It’s not in the continuity of those films in the sense the current X-Men films take place in a universe in which everybody on planet Earth is aware of the existence of mutants,” he confirmed. “The series ‘Legion’ takes place in a parallel universe, if you will, in which the US government is in the early days of being aware that something called mutants exist but the public is not. I wouldn’t foresee characters moving back and forth because they really are parallel universes.”

Will the same be said for Fox’s developing HELLFIRE series?

The show is executive produced by X-Men film producers Lauren Shuler Donner, Bryan Singer and Simon Kinberg with Marvel TV’s Jeph Loeb and Jim Chory, along with Steve Blackmen and showrunner/writer Noah Hawley (FX’s Fargo), who wrote the series pilot. “Fargo” actress Rachel Keller was cast in the unspecified lead female role.

“Legion” introduces the story of David Haller: Since he was a teenager, David has struggled with mental illness. Diagnosed as schizophrenic, David has been in and out of psychiatric hospitals for years. But after a strange encounter with a fellow patient, he’s confronted with the possibility that the voices he hears and the visions he sees might be real. e unspecified lead female role.

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