Characters & Their Costumes from the New DEADPOOL Movie

DEADPOOL movie is going to be fun. Yes indeed! Thanks to their promotional videos, plus Deadpool’s humorous posters, we know it’s going to be insanely awesome. Another big deal is the costume of all the characters. Many have their eyes on Deadpool’s outfit as compared to the rest. But, the rest are even more fascinating. Some stated that their costumes in the movie looked better than in the comics.

We start with the lead man Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth. “Why?” because he won’t shut up! He’s the Un-Aliving Machine and a cancer patient that turned into a superhero. He wears red so that nobody can see him ‘bleed’, and that what his costume is all about.



You can easily make out the difference between the mask. See the black patches and the gloves. In the movie, the Deadpool logo is made on the buckle on his utility belt, whereas in the animated series version, it’s just a plain and simple buckle belt. Deadpool is known for sword swinging and gun slinging skills, no difference about that, but regarding the costume, the animated version looks a lot like a Halloween suit than the movie, which looks exactly like a mercenary’s gimmick.
It looks more as if he wears a jacket with red trouser separately. In fact, you can try creating one for yourself as well, using these items.



Now the characters:

Negasonic Teenage Warhead


Tremendous difference!! In the comic, the character has long hair and a bandana, whereas in the movie we observed a crew haircut and no bandana. You can check the difference in clothing too, one wears a coat, and another has the laced featured costume. One thing we agree, both don the Gothic Look.



The character named Weasel happens to be Wade Wilson’s best friend. Check these pictures as both have round specs, facial hair, and casual outfit choice, but the only difference is the hairstyle. As compared to the movie and comics, Weasel is one heck of a Geek.



In the comic, Ajax looks like a monster. In the movie, we will see him as one of those baddies who ruined Wade Wilson’s life. Moreover, he got good looks and a British Accent. In the comics, Ajax costume seems to have an outfit covered in steel (Can we say, Cyborg?), and the face disfigured like Deadpool (Bearable). However, in the movie, he wears an ivory colored outfit and carries weapons that look like an Axe, (make it two). Also, the face looks pretty normal.

Here you have it. Besides Deadpool, all these characters have the most complicated costumes than the comics. It’s not weird, it’s cool, and we can’t wait to see them in the movie.

– Written by contributer Tressie Barlow

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