Mangold’s WOLVERINE #OneLastTime finale being planned as a R-rated masterpiece?


According to The Hollywood Reporter, 20th Century Fox might indeed have plans to sign-off on a R-rating for director James Mangold and star Hugh Jackman’s final WOLVERINE film. Many will assume this as the result of DEADPOOL winning the box office and tracking to become the biggest R-rated film in history, but nope, not really! Discussions were already in place long before then, according to insiders who say it was designed as an R because of Michael Green’s script, which includes mature themes and plenty of violence.

Speculation on the film’s rating arose last week after a New York Toy Fair pamphlet revealed the possible rating.

Mangold’s 2013 film THE WOLVERINE was on the edge of receiving an R before edits were made to reach a friendlier PG-13 rating. A longer, more violent version of the film was released on Blu-ray as the “Unleashed Extended Edition,” for fans who wanted to see the character untamed. 2009’s X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE video game also took things further by having an “Uncaged” edition of the game, which was definitely not intended for the kiddies.

The point? Wolverine at 100% isn’t really family-friendly.

Fox has not commented on the rating as of this posting.

The finale is expected to film next month for a March 3, 2017 theatrical release.

Wolverine - One Last Time

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