Alexandra Shipp on Storm’s relationship with En Sabah Nur in X-MEN: APOCALYPSE.

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Alexandra Shipp spoke with Collider about her exciting role as Storm in Bryan Singer’s upcoming X-MEN: APOCALYPSE. The actress discussed how she prepared to portray a younger and different version of Halle Berry’s character from the original X-MEN trilogy, and explains why Storm decides to join the villainous Apocalypse and his cause for world domination.

Storm is searching for someone to believe in.

“Storm is always looking for father figures, Shipp said. “What I found in the comics and stuff like that, is that Xavier kind of ends up being that for her. When she joins X-Men she finds that love for him. In the beginning, I think most girls who have daddy issues go looking in all the wrong places and Apocalypse comes and he takes care of her, gives her new clothes, you know. Takes her out for a nice dinner, no I’m just kidding.

“It’s a little bit of everything man. It’s just all kind of all over the place and I think what it is, is she admires him. She believes in him because for so long humans have treated her like crap. He is like, “Well in my day it was different”. She’s like, “Let’s get back to there, let’s get back to that”. She’s a weather goddess, you know. She’s a level, what is she, level 4, level 5 almost? She’s almost on Magneto’s level when it comes to her power.”

Why Storm believes in Apocalypse.

“Yeah, she’s mega level and yet she’s been reduced to a street urchin, you know what I mean? Apocalypse can see this and he can see this with all the other horsemen, is that these gods, essentially, have been reduced down to nothing and have been forced down to have they’re families killed, to have their lives destroyed. All because of what? What their born with? That’s a huge reason why the horsemen go with him, is because they’re like, “Well you’re right, I am awesome and everyone should know that I’m awesome and everyone should treat me like I’m awesome”. So the minute he kind of says that, of course in his own words, in his Apocalypse words, it strikes a chord and you’re like, “Yeah dude, you’re right. I will follow you because you are right. I am that. I know exactly who I am and he affirms it, the way all cult leaders do”. You know, he makes you feel good. He buys you a cookie and pats you on the head.”

Why Apocalypse needs Storm.

“I think that his plan for her in the movie is to protect him. Protect him with fog. Protect him with lightening. Blow away a missile. Blow away a plane. There is so much that she can do, and what he’s looking for is protection because he just woke up after a couple thousands and thousand years. He’s weak and he’s alone, and he’s been betrayed, you know. He’s kind of like a girlfriend who just got cheated on, who wants to date the nerdy guy who can take care of her.”

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