Elizabeth Rodriguez in negotiations for “key role” in James Mangold’s WOLVERINE finale.


According to a source at The Wrap, “Fear the Walking Dead” actress Elizabeth Rodriguez is in negotiations to join Hugh Jackman in the James Mangold-directed WOLVERINE finale.

She’s reportedly in talks for a “key role” in the film, rumored to be linked with X-23 – a female mutant who eventually takes on the Wolverine mantle. Omega Underground believes it might be for the role of Dr. Sarah Kinney, who’s X-23’s mother.

Production (running under the title “Juarez”) has been quite mum, not revealing any supporting roles other than the obvious: Jackman as Wolverine and Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier. Joining them and Rodriguez are Elise Neal, Eriq La Salle and Stephen Merchant, along with Boyd Holbrook as the antagonist and Richard E. Grant as an evil scientist.

Wolverine’s final outing is currently filming in New Orleans and scheduled release on March 3, 2017.


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