RAIN fan film starring Maya Glick shows a new side of X-Men’s Storm.

Check out this impressive new fan film titled RAIN, which is inspired by and centered around X-Men’s weather goddess, Storm. Starring filmmaker and performer Maya Glick, the film is a definite passion project for her.

Dissatisfied with the complete lack of empowered women of color in Hollywood’s superhero pantheon, Maya decided to take matters into her own hands and fill in that blank herself with a bold new take on her favorite X-Men character.

As most long running comic book heroes have, Storm has had many incarnations and different styles over the decades. The version of Storm closest to this author’s heart and the one she needed to see brought to life is the “punk” version of Storm, originally appearing in the mid-80’s for a brief period. During this time Storm had temporarily lost her powers, but remained a leader and a fierce fighter though will, wits, and fists.

The idea of this somewhat underground version of such a complex heroine is something that fascinated Maya enough as a writer that she found herself re-imagining the character in different scenarios, and the script was born.

Check out the film’s Facebook page for more details and to send Maya some love!


2 responses to “RAIN fan film starring Maya Glick shows a new side of X-Men’s Storm.

  1. I was thinking this was going to be bad, but actually this is pretty sweet! It just makes you wonder if we may ever get a storm film! Personally my favorite charavter is storm and I just have always wanted to see a badass storm on screen! This is much closer to what I’ve been wanting.


  2. I would also like to add how I actually like how great the Sin City/Hells Kitchen vibe actually works with this storm!! I want/need more storm! Lol



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