X-MEN: APOCALYPSE leads Memorial Day box office with quiet, but good opening.


Bryan Singer’s X-MEN: APOCALYPSE is set to bring in about $65 million during it’s first 3-day weekend in the USA box office, with the film expected to earn $80 million during the entire four-day Memorial Day holiday. That’s a significant drop from the $110.5 million take DAYS OF FUTURE PAST brought in during the same holiday back in 2014. Of course, that was an “event film” with the novelty of the original cast returning.

While the numbers seem rather low, they’re an overall improvement for the box office general, when compared with last year’s numbers. They match what 20th Century Fox were expecting from the film.

Besides ORIGINS: WOLVERINE, ‘Apocalypse’ surprisingly received one of the worst Rotten Tomatoes scores compared to any other film in the X-Men franchise with a 48%.

Not sure what critics were smoking, as audiences gave the film an A- Cinemascore, just below DOFP’s “A” and above FIRST CLASS’ “B+” rating.

Internationally, the film brought in another $55.3 million from 79 markets, bringing it’s currently total to $185.8 million. Adding four more territories, the film opened at #1 in South Korea with $12 million. It held onto the #1 spot in Brazil, UK and Australia. ‘Apocalypse’ arrives in China on June 3rd and Japan on August 11th.

Fox domestic distribution chief Chris Aronson told Variety he was “exceptionally pleased” with the amount, predicting the film will have higher repeat business due to positive (A-) response from the audience and fans, despite many baffling reviews from critics.

“It’s a challenging marketplace, to be sure, but the domestic opening coupled with the international rollout puts us in terrific shape,” he said.

Source: Box Office Mojo, Variety

4 responses to “X-MEN: APOCALYPSE leads Memorial Day box office with quiet, but good opening.

  1. Critics scuppered the fortunes of a very good, if far from perfect, film.

    Apocalypse deserved better, but, since they’ve already covered their production budget, this looks set to be a fiscal success for Fox, anyway. Hopefully it’ll be enough of one to keep their confidence in the franchise intact.

    Frankly, they can have my money right now if they draft Bryan Singer again, to bring us a movie focused on everyone stood in the Danger room at the end of this latest entry.


  2. Aaron trainor my good men sometimes the trash is worth it because they wanted to know if that kind of money is worth it to make another X-men movie like this awesome movie its good this kind of situation because they want to see if they make another X-men movie and to negotiation for sooner or later so its good so i am waiting for the next one


  3. now am afraid in this movie the superhero it is Quicksilver because the mutant who save everybody lifes is quicksilver and now havok is gone sadly so i love excitingly quicksilver and quicksilver rules sorry for Havok and scott summers who lost he’s brother sorry for him sadly



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