Loudmouthed and raring to go – Deadpool vs. Wolverine [Part 1]


If Screw attacks antics are to be believed then Deadpool might be the toughest to kill comic book character in Marvel’s arsenal. At least: that’s what the movies would tell you, but then the movies also “nerfed” the Scarlet Witch and weakened Vision. I mean Civil War was a lot more earth shattering than just Cap and Iron Man brawling it out. But I think ever since Wolverine: Origins and now Deadpool’s success, the debate is a rather touchy topic. Both sides have their fans, but ultimately both are also uniquely struck down in comic book lore.

Origins fight was not exactly how it would play out

Deadpool’s regeneration is a hotly debated but widely inconsistent of a topic. We see him take an entire day to regenerate when his hand is sliced off, and he is more or less helpless when Wolverine slices his head off in Origins. But, in comic books, the story is different and ultimately more confusing. The Deadpool in there is more vicious and regenerates quicker but that rate differs from issue to issue. So, if Wolverine fans are celebrating that their icon killed Deadpool, then there are two things wrong even with that.

  1. He had Sabretooth’s help.
  2. There is no actual confirmation that the head slice finished Wade for good.

So, what were we left with?

I am blaming Hollywood for this because we never got a satisfying end to that fight. But, ultimately the fight between Wolverine and Deadpool is one of grit because both characters can dish out punishment and can theoretically take an infinite amount of abuse. Wolverine is the master when it comes to tactical warfare, but Deadpool’s unpredictability makes him just that more edgy. But let’s get the obvious out of the way first.



The katanas vs. claws debate seems a little silly because in any fictional combat setting we have seen enough skill being able to trump weapon advantage of any kind. But,regardingtalent we need to get one thing straightened out: Wade is excellent with his swords. Now there is a difference in the skill level between the Wade of Origins and Deadpool, but that skill is very much present. However, he is not regarded as the authority in sword fighting even in the Marvel universe with characters like Psylocke or Iron Fist. A death battle simulated between Deadpool and Dc’s Deathstroke in fact fully admitted that Deadpool would not be to stand up Deathstroke if swordplay was the only contest.

Wolverine, in turn, is a soldier that has thoroughly learnt to harness the abilities of his adamantium claws. Now these claws, much like Deadpool’s swords, give him an edge in fighting close range.

There is one factor that must be taken into account, though: adamantium claws can almost slice anything. Now Deadpool’s katanas have their material madness, but Wolverine with enough manic strength can break the katanas if he needs to.

Mad ninja skills vs.crazy animal instincts

In a more controlled environment, who can surprise the other better? Wolverine because of his animal senses and abilities is almost impossible to surprise so the stealth ninja advantage goes away here. However, Deadpool’s abilities coupled with his training have given him enough reflexes to be able to adapt to any counter Wolverine comes up with; It is kind of like countering the counter.


I want to stretch this fight for as long as possible because this right here is the opus of what comic lovers live for. But, this is where part 1 of this rumble will end. Both are iconic characters in their won rights, and both have done some amazing things. Deadpool’s resume in this regard is a little bit more insane as he is also tipped to kill off the entire Marvel Universe, while Wolverine has been able to regenerate from a single blood blot.

Though Deadpool’s mix-ups with characters as powerful as Death and Thanos do make us wonder, Wolverine has always been able to hold his own in every fight imaginable. Even against Magneto, which should have been over for him a little too quickly, he goes toe to toe and causes significant distractions for Cyclops to end the fight.

So, I want to cover the weaknesses as well the crucial factors that would decide this battle in the next instalment of these writings. Of course, we cannot go over this without dissecting the healing factor from both gentlemen, so stay tuned folks!

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