Loudmouthed and raring to go – Deadpool vs. Wolverine [Part 2]


We left it at the two “heroes” battling it out and were wondering just what would be the factor that can decide this fight. In the struggle between something that you cannot kill and something that just won’t die: how do you choose the victor?

Healing factors

Wolverine can take bullets, so can Deadpool, Wolverine can survive cuts with ease, so can Deadpool, Wolverine can get his skin burned and come back and so can Deadpool. I can go on forever with this, but we need some sanity here. The trouble is that aside from Wolverine’s regeneration, his adamantium exoskeleton makes him exceedingly tough to kill. Now without the armouredskeleton, the healing would have been a lot easier to deal with for Deadpool because severing the head is widely regarded as the only way to kill the elusive X-Men.

As much as we might hope otherwise, Wade’s guns are more or less useless in this fight, which is why he will be relying on his katana. Wolverine, on the other hand, will be completely at home in this fight because he does not have to deal with extra trickery from Wade.

Now healing wise Wade can regenerate pretty fast, despite the movie making it appear slow. If we are talking about both characters fighting each other at the peak of their powers, then any slicing done by Wolverine will be healed up quickly.

But, besides all that Wade’s fighting arsenal is sheer unpredictability which like the Joker earns him many victories.

Granted the nature of these fights is always ridiculous to boot, but Deadpool usually manages to come out on top, which makes us question things a lot more.


The thing is that slicing Deadpool continually does not do the trick in killing him. Hulk, Thor and even Cyclops have the tools to do a number on Deadpool, but Wolverine’s continues slicing is something Wade can easily recover from.

Conversely, if Deadpool manages to slice off Wolverine’s neck, then he can kill Logan. The only hitch in that plan is that Logan’s bones cannot be cut except via a particular vibration that can cause the alignment of the molecules in adamantium to break. It seems, for Deadpool, the key lies in cracking through the armour like skeleton whereas,for Wolverine, it is going to be all about acquiring a tool that can do the job.


So do we have a deadlock?

It appears we do: if circumstances favour either character then they can emerge victoriously but it seems in purely a fight at the mercy of their surroundings and with nothing but their weapons with them, these two will be at it for a long time. Granted Wade will annoy Wolverine into action, but we need to know that Wolverine is well used to fighting in towering tempers so that won’t seriously dissuade him.

So, what is more, likely to happen: Wolverine dragging the fight to an industrial complex where molten steel is available or Deadpool finding a blade with enough vibration frequency to be able to slice Logan’s neck off. Territorially, the latter is likelier to happen so while this won’t kill Deadpool off, ultimately Wolverine’s superior instincts and persistence in being able to drag the fight to his advantage will bring an opportunity which can lead to Deadpool’s death.

The Winner: Wolverine


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Written by Zyana Hault (Guest Author)

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