Producer Simon Kinberg on the status of X-MEN & DEADPOOL film projects.


After accepting the George Pal Memorial Award at the 42nd Annual Saturn Awards, writer/producer Simon Kinberg gave Collider a few details on the ever-growing X-MEN film franchise and where it currently sits.

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*20th Century Fox and crew weren’t surprised by the box office performance of APOCALYPSE when compared to DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, considering the previous film was an “event,” combining both casts.

*Director Josh Boone’s NEW MUTANTS is still very much in the works.

*Producers are “really, really serious about making a GAMBIT movie” with Channing Tatum.

*They’re still “figuring out what the next X-MEN movie will be.”

*Producers hope to have a script for the DEADPOOL sequel soon, with filming expected to begin early next year.

*Production on WOLVERINE: WEAPON X with director James Mangold is going “extremely well.”

*They’re still “trying to figure out” HELLFIRE, which is being developed for Fox TV.

*He calls FX Networks’ LEGION pilot “Extraordinary, unlike anything you will ever see in the genre.”

8 responses to “Producer Simon Kinberg on the status of X-MEN & DEADPOOL film projects.

    • It would be cool if Fantastic Four can get a deal with Marvel like what Sony did with Spider-Man. I want to see X-Men crossover too, but keep the creative reigns at Fox.

  1. i say Stan Lee Brian Singer and,Simon Kinberg rocks with , Michael Bay and Steven spielberg universe movies Rocks and Rules 4 ever and ever for really exciting movies for theyre special effects cgi so incredible and exciting theyre them are very exciting

    • I read somewhere his 3-year contract with Fox is coming to an end soon. Of course that doesn’t mean he’ll definitely disappear. We’ll have to wait and see. I like Kinberg, but wouldn’t mind another writer taking a crack at the mainline X-Men films.

  2. i don’t know about you guys but i am extremely a 100.000% fan of X-men movie universe Specialy the first two movies of the triology and the secound movie and i like more then the third one is the secound one of the triology and mystique as Rebbeca ruming Stamos i very much like her ,her design so as Cyclops too with James Marden Alan Cumming, nightcrawler and Colossus and now in the newest version i am a fan of Cyclops, Storm is a gorgeous girl ,Jean Grey is a totally a hot one and lets not forget are sweetest honey thing Psylocke with Olivia Munn because Psyclocke is a model too so is a hot girl too,and the guys only Cyclops Nightcrawler beast , are the extremly awesome and quicksilver is a totally a superhero too so both of them are extremely amasing and awesome and i can’t wait to see on how is going to be or design Mr Sinister the Producers the out fit in the next X-men movies wuuw yeahh!! theyre are rock and rules all the time ah hugh and congrats for Bryan Singer and Simon Kinberg olso Mr stan Lee

  3. if this website of Xmf turn it in to Fantastic four like Anthony says i m out because i am only a fan of X-men universe and not just only a X-men fan i am a fan of so many cartoons turn it to screen like like transformers g.i joe and i hope to see in the real screen thundercats, m.a.s.k mortal kombat Silverhawks and bravestarr in screen live

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