New photos offer first look at CABLE: CHRONICLES OF HOPE short film.

A new, ambitious X-MEN short film titled CABLE: CHRONICLES OF HOPE will grace our eyeballs soon, thanks to a crowdfunding campaign from K&K Productions. Co-directed, written and produced by brothers Harry and George Kirby, the film will feature mutants favorites such as Cable (actor, Solvi Fannar), Hope Summers (Christine Lynn), Bishop (Philip Tommy) and Nightcrawler (Grant Stevens).

According to the filmmakers, the story is based on the hugely popular set of X-Men graphic novels that tell the story of a young girl named Hope, who is heralded as the mutant Messiah. Every mutant hating faction is out to kill her and she only has one protector: the badass, mutant soldier from the future, Nathan Summers a.k.a. Cable!

“We love this story and we love action. So expect hand-to-hand combat, mutant powers, big guns and Cable kicking some serious ass! It was so much fun filming the action scenes and showing just how helpless the human Purifiers are when pitted against the X-men characters,” said the film’s creators.

A trailer is expected very soon and it’ll be posted as soon as it becomes available. Fow now, check out some awesome photos below and be sure to follow them on social media (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) for the latest updates.

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Cable: Chronicles of Hope is not affiliated with 20th Century Fox or Marvel Entertainment. Photos courtesy of K&K Productions.

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