Watch deleted and extended scenes from X-MEN: APOCALYPSE.


With X-MEN: APOCALYPSE recently hitting digital HD, deleted and extended sequences from the film are starting to make their way online. There’s a bevvy of them that have been uploaded to social media. The most notable deleted scene is the infamous “mall sequence” featuring young Jean Grey, Cyclops, Nightcrawler and Jubilee trekking their local shopping mall. It’s a cool sequence which shows off Jubilee’s powers for the first time on the big screen.

Below are just a handful of the deleted scenes available. Be sure to pick up the Blu-ray and DVD and October 4th!

Thanks to @XMenUpdates, @DavidPercevals for the clips!

Mall Scene (Part 1)

Mall Scene (Part 2)

Storm: You Don’t Know Me

Beast gives Cyclops Ray Bans

Havok picks up brother Scott

Beast gives Cyclops visor

Jean and Scott talk…

Apocalypse awakens in Cairo

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      • Kinberg and Singer still do not get Storm. Ororo’s parents loved her, her mother’s people have had wind riders in their family going back to the dawn of time. It was a tragic accident of war that separated them, and left little 5 year old Ororo orphaned on the streets of Cairo. Achmed el-Gibar’s urchins found her, and he taught her to be a great thief, not some riff raff who nearly gets killed stealing from hookah vendors. She left that life consciously at age 11 to travel across the Sahara and back to her mother’s lands in Kenya, well before her powers really manifested. I wish you guys would at least read a few comics before making these movies.


        • I kinda winced when she said her people feared her. For the most part, she was viewed as a Goddess and her mother was part of a line of females with white hair. These films have ignored a lot re: Storm unfortunately. I took her speech and the difference from the comics as alternative history. Maybe Storm in the original timeline (pre-DOFP) had a different story.



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