Lana Condor would like more Jubilee and more Asians represented in film.


Lana Condor would like to expand her role as Jubilee in future X-Men films! While promoting X-MEN: APOCALYPSE on Blu-ray and DVD, the up-and-coming actress told Inverse “I want to prove to everyone she is epic and she can be amazing and powerful. I wanna fight. I would love to fight.”

Many fans are in agreement after getting a fleeting glimpse of Jubilee in ‘Apocalypse’ this year. Most of Condor’s role, which was quite minor compared to the rest of the cast, was left on the cutting room floor.

“We’re highly underrepresented,” she said about Asians in film. “I love that I’m doing this because I want to show Hollywood that people don’t just like this, but it actually works, especially in big blockbusters. I’m hoping I made a small impact for us fellow Asians, in Hollywood and in life.”

There’s no word on what the next mainline X-Men film will be, though director Bryan Singer and producer Simon Kinberg both said it would take place in the 90’s…a time period perfect for more Jubilee awesomeness!

Watch the deleted mall sequence with Jubilee and gang via @XMenUpdates:

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