Lana Condor on Jubilee wardrobe fittings and getting into trouble on set.


Jubilee actress Lana Condor was recently interviewed at the X-mansion during a press event for Fox Home Entertainment’s release of X-MEN: APOCALYPSE on October 4th. Condor spoke with CBR about her experience working on the blockbuster movie, opening up about her character’s fashion and revealed a funny moment which happened on set that got her and the young cast members in trouble.

“So many options!” she said about the clothing fittings for Jubilee ahead of filming. “We actually, one of the first fittings there were no yellow jackets anywhere. I had known that one thing to know about Jubilee is her jacket. So I was kinda like, “The public’s gonna hate me. They’re gonna hate me [if I don’t have a yellow jacket].” But then they were just trying to find the fit of different jackets, and then they ended up making me one of my own. I wanted to keep it — apparently there’s twelve of them, and I was like, “You guys can give me one of them!”

Detailing a funny experience on set which almost got her and her castmates in trouble, Condor revealed that Sophie Turner, Alexandra Shipp, Evan Peters and herself “were working and we were like, going crazy just — I don’t know, we were tired and delusional. So we stole — everyone was driving around in golf carts, ’cause we were on a huge set. So we stole one and were like, doing wheelies in the parking lot. We were screaming like idiots, and apparently they were in the middle of a scene while we were screaming, so we got in a lot of trouble. So we got out, and then let all the air out of the tires because we were like, “We’re gonna get them now! You’re gonna stop our fun, we’re gonna stop your transportation!” But that was pretty fun. There were awesome moments, all of them were great.”

Click here to read much more from the interview, including a brief video featuring Condor saying a famous Jubilee phrase!

Source: CBR

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