Video: Olivia Munn puts in hard work for Psylocke role in X-MEN: APOCALYPSE.


Olivia Munn was truly dedicated to her role as Psylocke in X-MEN: APOCALYPSE. The actress put in more than six hours a day of training in Taekwondo, karate and boxing to perfect her sword swinging skills.

“A lot of stunts she wanted to do herself, so she trained very heavily in martial arts and in sword fighting and all kinds of things,” said director Bryan Singer.

Thanks to Heat Vision, there’s a new clip from the film’s upcoming Blu-ray and DVD, detailing her hard work. It also features an explanation from VFX designer John Dykstra, who explains the science behind Psylocke’s psionic blade.

“Apocalypse” comes to Blu-ray and DVD on October 4th!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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