Who exactly is playing the young girl rumored to be X-23 in LOGAN?

The young actress that was seen alongside Hugh Jackman and Sir Patrick Steweart in leaked LOGAN set photos last June has finally been revealed! Many sites are reporting that it is Sienna Novikov, an actress and gymnast who’s listed on the IMDB as portraying a “mutant child” in the film, but it is in fact Dafne Keen, whose sole credit is the Spanish television series The Refugees.

It’s believed that Keen is actually playing the role of Laura Kinney aka X-23, Wolverine’s clone and eventual successor, who was essentially born in a medical laboratory.

She will not be the only mutant child in the film, as Novikov and another actress, Jaden Francis, have those roles. Below is a previous casting call:

“We are now accepting submissions for KIDS (ages 6 – 15 years old) who are interested in working on the feature film “Juarez”. The work dates are not yet finalized, but filming will likely take place in June. Children will be selected by the director to portray “mutant children” in this exciting sci-fi movie! Pay rate will be $101.50 for the day for kids. We are looking for children with INTERESTING, unique and eccentric looks- kids should be real looking, NOT pageant or model types. The director will look at photos and select kids to be interviewed.”

Thanks to @XMenSaga for the heads up!

“Logan” comes to theaters on March 3, 2017.


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