X-MEN films getting a reboot? Don’t jump to conclusions.


The Hollywood Reporter just came out with a report claiming 20th Century Fox is planning on making major changes to the X-MEN film franchise, a reboot, but the report in itself actually doesn’t offer much in terms of information and is dangerously jumping to conclusions.

First, lets focus on the piece of “new” information within the article: According to their sources, along with DEADPOOL 2 in 2018, Fox is also allegedly fast-tracking development on DEADPOOL 3, with plans to include the mutant team “X-Force.” Team members Cable and Domino are already planned to appear in the sequel, so it’s not too shocking that their expanded group would appear in the follow-up and likely spin-off into their own solo. X-FORCE has been in development for years and even featured Deadpool in the unused screenplay, so the connections were always there.

But back to this reported news of a “reboot” within the X-Men franchise. Um, that’s not happening because it already happened. The reboot, of sorts, already took place in with films like DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, APOCALYPSE and DEADPOOL establishing a new history. A reset. Plans were always in place to focus on brand new properties like NEW MUTANTS and GAMBIT. Nothing has seemingly changed. Josh Boone’s “New Mutants” might be ready in time for a Spring production start and “Gambit” is still working on finding a director and fleshing out its screenplay, while Simon Kinberg continues work on the next mainline “X-Men” film.

According to the site, Kinberg is writing the new screenplay with James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Fassbender in mind, though they’re not officially signed to come back. No mention of Nicholas Hoult, but he’s in the same situation. Again, nothing new here. Chances are good McAvoy can be swayed back, as he has expressed great interest and understands Xavier’s importance within the franchise. Lawrence, Fassbender and Hoult are another story. All have said they’re open to continuing their roles. Lawrence, in particular, said that she would only come back if McAvoy and Fassbender did as well. Either way, the most essential character for this series is Xavier, as he’s the man behind the dream.

They also say that Bryan Singer is not directing the next X-Men film, but again, we pretty much knew that already. Singer has said since the release of “Apocalypse” that he was taking a break from the films to focus on other dream projects. He still said that he’s eager to have some involvement as a consultant or producer, with the potential to return as a director further down the line.

Personally, it feels like THR is making much ado about nothing. Would Fox like to make bigger box office with their mutant-led films? Sure, but there’s nothing to indicate that they’re getting rid of everything that came before for a full-on reboot. It seems they’re just working on expanding their cinematic universe and looking for new ways to invigorate the franchise.

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    • I think they should’ve used the word “reset” instead of “reboot.”. The new X-Men cast are just establishing new history from the original films.


    • Yup. Unless something major has happened behind the scenes, all signs indicate the next X-MEN film will take place in the 90’s, with Kinberg still writing and the new young cast continuing their roles, as they already have options to return (besides McAvoy, Lawrence, Hoult and Fassbender). I just can’t see them recasting these characters a third time already.



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