Alexandra Shipp and Tye Sheridan part of THR’s Next Generation of Talent.

A bit late on posting this story, but X-MEN: APOCALYPSE stars Alexandra Shipp (Storm) and Tye Sheridan (Cyclops) were honored as The Hollywood Reporter’s “Next Generation of Talent in 2016” last week, along with 20 other actors ages 35 and under.

The roster was handpicked by THR, noting young actors who are creating buzz within the industry and are at the top of producer casting lists. Shipp, 25, recently filmed the upcoming movie “Dude” and co-stars with DEADPOOL breakout Brianna Hildebrand in “Tragedy Girls.” Sheridan, 20, will play lead in Steven Spielberg’s upcoming “Ready Player One” blockbuster.

Shipp says that seeing “Whitney Houston in ‘[The] Bodyguard'” made her want to be an actress. The most Hollywood thing about her life is her dog: “She is a mini Yorkie that I have to walk around with in my hand because she keeps getting stepped on. But it’s worth it because she is the closest I will ever get to true love.” She’s focused on staying in-training for her next opportunity playing Storm and also has plans to kickstart a music career in the vein of singer Fiona Apple.

Sheridan has been acting since the age of 11 and says that seeing John Travolta in ‘Grease’ made him want to be an actor. “I would re-enact the scenes with my parents.” He would also like to direct in the future and has been writing scripts during his off-time. When talking about one of his worst audition experiences: “I grew up in Texas where everyone is obsessed with Richard Linklater. And I’m obsessed with baseball; I wanted to become a professional baseball player when I was a kid. So I was really excited for the audition for Everybody Wants Some!! It wasn’t a normal audition. You just went in for a conversation. There was a question that came out of nowhere and I didn’t know what to say and I just started blurting out things and it got worse and worse.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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