Description of LOGAN footage shown at Brazil’s Comic Con Experience.


Our friends over at Universo X-Men attended Brazil’s Comic Con Experience, where 20th Century Fox held a panel for their upcoming films, including LOGAN!

Hugh Jackman himself debuted an exclusive clip via video message. There’s no big spoilers. It showed Logan, Charles Xavier and Laura (X-23) having dinner with a family in a house on a farm. They’re on the run, fleeing from someone and don’t reveal to the family that they’re mutants. When questioned about their true intentions for being on the road, Xavier and Logan give different responses, in comedic fashion.

Laura is described as acting wild, eating dinner with her hands and no silverware. Logan tries to teach her how to eat and there’s a sense of a father-daughter type relationship between them.

Logan then tells the family that Xavier used to be a school principal. Xavier expands on this, calling it a “school for students with special needs.” He says that Logan was also at this school.

Source: Universo X-Men

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