Production offices for next X-MEN related film (possibly NEW MUTANTS) have opened in Montreal!


Le Journal de Montreal confirms a report they made back in November 2015 about another X-Men film setting up production offices once again at Mel Studios. They came to the location just yesterday and have plans to start construction this January for filming in Spring of 2017.

“They will start shooting in May and will occupy Mel’s Studios 2 and 3 for several months,” says Mel’s President Michel Trudel.

This will be the third film in the X-Men series to shoot in Montreal after DAYS OF FUTURE PAST and APOCALYPSE.

“We had two and a half months of negotiations with the people of Fox,” explains Trudel. “I went to Los Angeles last October to try to convince them. We are very pleased that they have agreed to return to Montreal. They appreciated their two previous shooting experiences with us and they were very satisfied with our facilities and the talent of the artisans of Quebec cinema.”

The producer of X-Men, Todd Hallowell (Back to the Future), has also had good words for MELS Studios.

“Mels is one of the best film studios in the world, with an understanding of the needs of this kind of filming,” said producer Todd Hallowell. Michel Trudel and his team are the kind of partners we want to work with. We are delighted at Fox to return for a third time in Montreal to shoot the next X-Men.”

No details on which film this could be for, though the most obvious choice is Josh Boone’s upcoming NEW MUTANTS spin-off. There’s also DEADPOOL 2, but the emphasis here seems to be on X-MEN. It’s not likely to be the next mainline team film, as Simon Kinberg is seemingly still working on the script and that film seems to be the least furthest along, in terms of development.

We’ll have to wait for more details. Stay tuned!

Update: “New Mutants” director gave a major hint that it’s his film that gearing up for production this Spring, saying they could start filming as early as April. Though he won’t directly confirm the Montreal location.

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  1. ho men now i am in shock right now because this means they have a lot of homework to do this is going to be a full attention for everybody including the co producers men



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