New X-Men fan film: “A Creature Was Stirring” by director T.J. Garland.

A brand new UNCANNY X-MEN fan film has been added to XMF Theatre!

Directed by T.J. Garland, “A Creature Was Stirring Part 2” follows Wolverine, who is searching for answers about his past, as he experiences an unexpected encounter with Lady Deathstrike and Sabretooth.

The short was produced by Throwback Studioz and Last Action Productions.

Check it out and view other quality fan films here.


In his search for answers about his past, Wolverine has an unexpected encounter with a couple other mutants with their own set of claws!


T.J. Garland (Wolverine)
Victoria Amos (Lady Deathstrike)
Allen Daniel (Sabertooth)
Zachary Vaudo (Hydra Bob)
Tyler Sutherland (Guard)
Brandon Heaton (Guard)


T.J. Garland (Director, Editor, Audio Post, Stunts)
Throwback Studioz (Production Company)
Last Action Productions (Production Company)
Skyler Simpson (Sound Mixer)
Java Green (Makeup)
Eric Green (CGI FX, C-Cam/Stills)
John Prew (Camera Op/DP)
Lexatronis Reximus (B Cam Viking)
Jo Veitenheimer (Costumes)
Zachary Vaudo (Stunts)
Victoria Amos (Lady Deathstrike Costume)




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