Check out the latest X-MEN fan films from Throwback Studioz, including a new Dazzler album and interview.

Throwback Studioz has uploaded two new X-MEN fan films, including an faux Dazzler album and interview.

One Man’s Worth: Apocalypse continues to warp and alter the fragile timeline by sending various villains to hunt and capture psychics, in this case, kill or capture Professor Xavier. The last remaining mutants fight to stay alive while Storm, Wolverine, Bishop, and Shard try to Protect Xavier to the very end.

New Mutants: A group of mutant superheroes-in-training are under the supervision of Professor Xavier. Dani Moonstar accidentally releases her powers on Karma, in which she does not take it too well.

Taking things to another level, Manoli sits down with Dazzler to talk about her new album, BeDazzled! Alison Blaire talks about coming out as a mutant and growing up with her unique abilities.

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