James McAvoy “can’t wait for Summer” to film Kinberg’s next X-MEN blockbuster.

Screenwriter Simon Kinberg recently spent time with Charles Xavier actors Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy, separately, in two different countries over the course of three days.

“Two countries, three nights, two Professors… #chuck,” he wrote.

McAvoy reposted Kinberg’s photo, writing “Dinner last night with the man who’s in a multi generational three way relationship with two Professors. Thanks for dinner Simon Kinberg and [producer] Hutch Parker, I can’t wait for the Summer.”

The new X-MEN film has (now) been confirmed by two of its main cast members.

Last week, Jean Grey actress Sophie Turner told reporters “We’re about to start shooting the next X-Men,” saying she has “a couple movies to do” before filming scenes for the follow-up to X-MEN: APOCALYPSE.

With a production/working title of “Teen Spirit” aka X-MEN: SUPERNOVA (title unconfirmed), the 90’s-set film will allegedly focus on Turner’s character going out of control as Dark Phoenix. In the comics, the character caused a supernova, which destroyed an entire alien civilization.

Filming will take place in Montreal this Summer, just a few months after director Josh Boone’s THE NEW MUTANTS starts production this Spring.

Crossover potential is strong with this one.

A director has yet to be announced. though this material is exactly what Bryan Singer said he wanted to explore with the series. He previously mentioned a desire to go cosmic with the X-Men and missed his opportunity to direct a Dark Phoenix-themed movie after his tease in X2.

Stay tuned for further details as they become available.

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