Joe Carnahan to write (and possibly direct?) X-FORCE for 20th Century Fox.

Collider reports that 20th Century Fox has tapped Joe Carnahan (The Smokin’ Aces) to write the script for X-FORCE, a future team film based in the X-Men universe, closely linked with Deadpool.

According to them, Carnahan may be given the director gig if producers and the studio like the screenplay he comes up with, but according to Comic Book, he’s already set to direct, though that’s not confirmed.

Executive producer Ryan Reynolds will also co-write the film, which will very likely feature team mainstays Cable and Domino, who are both set to have roles in Deadpool’s sequel next year.

It’s believed that ‘X-Force’ will come to us in 2019 (possibly on February 14) and feature Deadpool as a team member, though that’s pure speculation on our part.

Created by Robert Liefeld, X-Force was a spin-off/restructuring of Marvel’s ‘New Mutants’ comic book. It’s known among fans as team of mutants who are much grittier and dark than the X-Men.

There’s a very real chance this becomes an R-rated mutant team film, as Reynolds has said in the past that, like Deadpool, he’d like to fully let loose with the property.]

XMF was the first website to reveal that Fox had plans for ‘X-Force’ back in 2013.

Stay tuned for more details as they come in.

Sources: Collider, Comic Book

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