Wolverine superfans meet Hugh Jackman and the cast/crew of LOGAN.

In a very gracious nod, 20th Century Fox and select genre websites reached out to some of the biggest Wolverine fans, flying them in to screen LOGAN and meet director James Mangold and cast, including Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart and Boyd Holbrook.

Below are some videos and photos from three of our online buds/acquaintances who are well known among the X-Men film fan community:

Artist and Wolverine/X-Men addict Lucas Ackerman (the amazing t-shirt artist dude who runs 1 Million to Save Wolverine and the X-Men), Throwback Studioz head Eric Green (the dedicated fan film guy), and epic cosplayer/badass Wolver-Steve (that dude with the awesome homemade Wolverine suit).

‘Logan’ comes to theaters next week!

Lucas Ackerman

Eric Green


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