April Fools: 20th Century Fox announces 2018 crossover event THE DARK PHOENIX.

Sorry – this was an April Fools joke!

Original Article:

20th Century Fox is planning big things for their next X-Men film. The studio held a special presentation for press, highlighting the next chapter in the mainline mutant saga.

THE DARK PHOENIX is not just an X-Men film. In a surprising move, they’ve decided to utilize the cast of 2015’s FANTASTIC FOUR reboot. Actors Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell were still under contract for sequels, but their appearance in this film actually required new deals, as it doesn’t count as a FF film and doesn’t meet established deals between 20th Fox, Constantin Films and Marvel.

James McAvoy, Sophie Turner and Nicholas Hoult were announced as the only returning cast members from X-MEN: APOCALYPSE.

“We’re bringing back this trio of familiar characters, while also adding new team members into the mix, like a younger Bishop being one of them. We have a great actor [and singer] Chris Brown for the role,” said producer Amanda Waller.

“Cyclops, Storm and Nightcrawler still exist as Tye [Sheridan], Alexandra [Shipp] and Kodi [Smit-McPhee], but in this film, we’re fully restructuring the X-Men, while also adding integral supporting roles for the Fantastic Four,” added co-producer Bjork. “Like the comics, this is a Earth and cosmic-based saga, so the Four are perfect for this bold new adventure.”

The plot involves Jean Grey, an omega-level mutant with immense power that’s steadily growing out of control. When she threatens to decimate an entire alien civilization, Professor X and the X-Men, along with fantastic new allies, face their biggest threat…one of their own!

Filming begins this Summer in Montreal for theatrical release in 2018.

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  1. lol at only James, Sophie and Nich returning. That wouldnt make any sense, being a supposed big crossover. You either bring the whole team, or go home.


  2. I love the idea that the new fantastic four and the new X-men work side by side. I would have liked to see the rest of the X-Men team as well though. But Charles in space could lead to a Lilandra romance


  3. ok this is 4 real or is it 4 abril foolers (Jokers) all of this info?? is it for real or is it for players players means for jokers because i don’t like jokers if more if there’s people messing with people and apologies acepted



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