Pierce Brosnan sets the record straight on those DEADPOOL 2 casting rumors.

Pierce Brosnan recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel and put one major DEADPOOL 2 rumor to rest.

A while back, a candid photo was posted on social media showing Brosnan doing the “hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil” pose with LOGAN actor Hugh Jackman and DEADPOOL star Ryan Reynolds. The photo quickly went viral, making some folks believe that Brosnan had actually been cast for the pivotal role of Cable in the merc’s upcoming sequel.

That isn’t the case though, as Brosnan said “Not true. Nothing has come my way yet. It was completely made up. We were sitting waiting for the plane, the three of us, and the guy said ‘quick lets get a photograph,’ [so I] jump in the middle [and] Mr. Reynolds said ‘lets do three wise monkeys.’ [They] put it out there and it went viral.”

Brosnan reiterated “I ain’t lying,” but said “they know where to find me” if they do want to cast him.

Actor Michael Shannon (Superman Returns) is reportedly the frontrunner for Cable, a character which will have major impact to the overall X-Men film franchise, leading to a major role in 20th Century Fox’s developing X-FORCE spinoff.

Production on ‘Deadpool 2’ starts in the next few months, so it shouldn’t be too long before we get an official announcement.

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