Target, Best Buy and Walmart offering limited edition exclusives on LOGAN Blu-ray and DVD sets.

LOGAN comes to DVD, Blu-ray and 4K in just a few short weeks on May 23. International dates include UK on July 10, Australia on June 7, France on July 5 and Germany on July 13. Various store exclusives will be available from Target, Best Buy and Walmart.

Target’s pack includes a photo book with photography from the film’s production.

IGN revealed Best Buy’s steelbook edition with artwork by ‘Old Man Logan’ artist Steve McNiven.

Walmart’s exclusive set includes 9 posters showing Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine throughout the years. The back of each poster combines to form a bigger artwork showing the silhouettes of Laura, Logan and Professor X.

Included with every release is LOGAN NOIR, director James Mangold’s “fully regraded” black and white version of the film. Alamo Drafthouse theaters will screen it a week earlier on May 16 in their theaters.

Special features include audio commentary by director James Mangold, deleted scenes and a behind the scenes documentary.

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